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You've heard of investment clubs where a small group of friends get together, learn about investing, pool their resources, invest in stocks, real estate, etc., and split the profits among the members. The reason investment clubs have been so enormously successful is because two heads are better than one and definitely five or six are better than one. Instead of taking on all the risk of investing alone, people feel more secure when the risk is spread among a group of five or six. Furthermore, these clubs are successful when the members share common goals, keep the lines of communications open and are accountable to each other.

Our concept is very similar. We call it Business Clubs. Very much like investment clubs, a group of friends decide to get together and form a group business club with network marketing as its core business model. But here is the advantage. To join an investment club, you will probably need a few thousand dollars. However, in a business club, your initial investment would be less than a hundred dollars with a payoff of thousands to tens of thousands in monthly income. Forming a business club is a principle called leveraging. In stead of getting paid on just your own efforts, you now benefit from the efforts of many. However, the attributes of the business club is the same as the investment club, i.e., goals, communication and accountability.

Network marketing generates $110 billion globally each year, so the business model is well proven. Note companies such as, Avon, Mary Kay, Pre-Paid Legal, Herbal Life, Amway and the list can go on and on. We will not only teach you the guiding principles of this concept, but our PM Enterprises team of experts and mentors will guide you step-by-step throughout the process of building a successful and prosperous business club.

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Need to find a networking group? Get matched to business networking groups in your area.
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