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In Real Estate - The Early Bird Catches the Worm

Why the early bird catches the worm

Who hasn't, at some time in their lives, looked at the value of property in a given area and thought to themselves "if only I had bought a piece of property there back when prices were low, just think how much money I would have made". Well this time, that profit can be yours. Buy now in Brazil and in 2...5...10 years time you will be counting your money and leaving others to wonder why they didn't invest when the time was right!

When it comes to property investment in Brazil, timing is everything and Brazil currently has some of the best value property in the world along with some of the highest forecasted growth.

Market analysts are now predicting price rises of over 20% per annum in the "hot zones" of Natal and Pipa. That's 20% per annum or more, starting from now.....

Why invest?

With our knowledge of the region, as well as our personalized guidance and expertise, you will be offered only the very best investments that this fast-growing market has to offer. Not only have we hand-picked the best value developments with the highest forecasted returns but we have done our due diligence on the developments we offer so you can relax in the knowledge that your investment will be safe, secure and completely legal.

We have analyzed the factors responsible for this explosion in the property market and the reasons why the next 6-8 years especially will see amazing returns for those investing in property now.
Massive, Unprecedented Tourist Boom

The facts:

150% rise in tourism in north-east Brazil between 2002 and 2005 alone, making Brazil one of the countries with the highest tourist growth rates in the world

Natal to have the largest commercial airport in Latin America (3rd largest in the world) by 2013, acting as a continental hub with 5 million passengers a year passing through Natal airport already operating at 110% capacity

Flights to the region under 7 hours from mainland Europe.

Cost of living 1/5th of UK with excellent cuisine, lively atmosphere and some of the world's best beaches.

96% of first-time visitors vow to return.

In November 2007, a new bridge over the Potengi River to the north of Natal was opened which vastly speeds up access to the north shore. This 194 million Real investment has encouraged economic expansion in Natal by opening up this area.

Tourism in north-east set to provide 1.2 million new jobs, US$8 billion in foreign currency, 9 million foreign visitors and 65 million domestic visitors per year.

Over 7000 miles of mainly semi-virgin coastline

Natal officially has the purest air in Latin America and the 2nd purest in the world.

Perfect climate with over 300 days of sun per year and average temperatures of 28°C giving rise to a year-round tourism and rental market

Brazil has been selected as the host of the 2014 Football World Cup and will have massive worldwide exposure and increases in tourism.

Free from hurricanes, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes

Natal officially has the purest air in Latin America and the 2nd purest in the world.

Natal is officially the safest state capital in Brazil

750 million US$ recently invested by government on improved tourism infrastructure such as airports, roads, marinas and environmental preservation creating over 200,000 new jobs last year alone

1.8 billion US$ earmarked for foreign investment in tourism infrastructure over the next 5 years (hotels, golf courses, condos, resorts)

Enormous and expanding presence of luxury international hotel chains such as Renaissance, Kempinski, Inter-continental, Breezes Superclubs, Marriott, NH, Sol Meliá and Preferred Hotel Group with an increase of 135% in the number of hotel rooms expected over the next 6 years

Beachfront land being sensitively developed by Europeans to a truly luxury standard, and this is just the beginning of what we are going to see on the market, currently at the best prices

Developments of superior European standards with added value such as golf courses, private lagoons, world-class watersports and sporting facilities and, of course, excellent cuisine.

Foreign property owners hold free and clear title and the property buying process in Brazil is very straightforward

Prices in the region will never again be as low as they are now and history tells us that when the major corporations and government alike are investing so much capital in an area, then that is the time to invest.

We have been helping investors make the right decisions in Brazil for the past seven years. If you are interested in discussing opportunities with us, contact us.

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