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Helping Others, the Key to Success

It's quite interesting how the trends are changing to accommodate the failing job market. A decade ago, career coaching taught eager job seekers how to climb the corporate ladder. The focus was on getting to the top, no matter what it took.

The modern career outlook has taken a paradigm shift to highlight the importance of helping others succeed, thus positioning yourself to receive success.

On any given day, my inbox is scattered with inspirational emails from career coaches and social networking gurus. The content of this correspondence may as well have been written by a chaplain or priest. Career coaches, for example, have built or changed their entire focus which teaches people to "give back" to others.

This country is in the worst economic time in recent memory. Banks who were "too big to fail" have hit rock bottom at warp speed. GMC [General Motors Corporation] has essentially become Government Motors Corporation, due to the massive bailout the company took from the U.S. Government. News stories expose corporate scams, billion dollar ponzi schemes and the unrelenting usurping of taxpayer dollars to fund extravagant lifestyles of the select few at executive level. These ways of doing business have virtually bankrupted this Nation. It was time to rethink career success.

The principle of reaping and sowing is not some new idea. When you pay it forward, good comes to you. Somewhere in the shuffle, people lost their way. How can you help others to succeed? Join networking groups and offer to put small business people in contact with other businesses and consumers. Simplicity and goodness wins against corruption and greed.

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