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Compact Fluorescent Bulbs Can Be A Costly Environmental Hazard In Your Home

You know those cute little curly shaped fluorescent bulbs (CFL – Compact Fluorescent Light) that can save you a lot on money on energy bills? Well, if the bulb is broken, they can create a hazardous waste nightmare in your home that home insurance will not pay for. And while they do come with a disposal warning label, few people read a warning label on a light bulb.

The problem is that there is toxic mercury inside and while the bulbs are harmless while in use they can pose a big problem for landfills and if the bulb breaks, for homeowners.

Brandy Bridges, of Prospect, Maine did the environmentally sound thing to do – she went and bought a bunch of CFLs to put in your home, the only problem was that one broke while installing in her daughter’s bedroom. She called Home Depot who correctly warned her not to vacuum due to the danger of spreading mercury throughout her home. Eventually, the Maine Dept. of Environmental Protection sent out someone to test her house for mercury levels. Hazardous levels were found on an area of carpet "the size of a dinner plate. They also recommended that she not try to clean up the mercury powder herself and suggested she contact an environmental cleanup firm. The company’s estimate was $2000. (1)

So, how do you clean up mercury in your house from a broken CFL?
The EPA offers a checklist at that suggests you leave the room for 15 minutes, then return to sweep up and double-bag the mess — and not to vacuum unless absolutely necessary, as vacuuming will spread the mercury powder throughout your home as you vacuum. (3)

Virtually all homeowner’s policies exclude environmental losses, even those from mold spores, so Brandy had to seal off the bedroom until she could afford the cleanup.

CFLs are not designed to go in tack lighting, recessed lighting or lights with dimmer fixtures as they could cause a fire used this way. They also note that you need to find a certified recycling center that can handle dead or broken bulbs and the EPA is drafting guidelines and/or requirements for disposal of the bulbs. IKEA, a big seller of CFLs does recycle burned out bulbs. (1) Sites such as, and offer information about where CFLs can be recycled. (3)

But new technology will soon provide mercury free IED lights for homes and commercial uses - most new car brakes lights are made of IED lights. IED lights use very little energy. Raliegh, NC recently installed IED lights in a new 900 stall parking garage and estimated their 1st year energy savings would be $75000. (2)

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Eric Kossian was an Underwriting Specialist with State Farm. He owns and Leavenworth Insurance, LLC. agencies providing homeowners throughout Washington State with all their insurance needs.

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