How Much Does Window Cleaning Cost?

The average cost of window cleaning ranges from $5.10 to $18 per pane. This estimate includes interior and exterior cleaning services.
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Updated on February 03, 2017


How Much Does Window Cleaning Cost?

The cost of each job will depend on:

1. How many windows that need to be cleaned
Many window cleaning companies charge "per pane" or "per window". The more windows you have, the more you can expect to spend. When counting your windows, don't forget to include any sliding glass doors and skylights too!

2. Is this is residential or commercial job?
As a general rule, commercial window washing services are more expensive. This is particularly true when the building is over 3 stories high. Looking for more detailed information? Use our free matching service to get free cost estimates from local companies.

3. The degree of difficulty
How difficult will it be to access each window? How tall is the building? Anything more than two stories up will cost extra - especially if the work will require additional safety equipment.

4. What you would like cleaned
Are you interested in exterior cleaning? Interior cleaning? In most cases, exterior-only cleaning is more affordable. If screens need to be removed and cleaned, this will cost extra. Additionally, the extra time required to clean window sills and frames will increase the price "per pane".

5. Cleaning frequency
How long has it been since the windows were last cleaned? It may take more time to remove dirt and debris from windows that have not been washed on a regular basis.

6. Your geographic location
Window washing rates will vary based on where you live. Find estimated prices near you in ProMatcher's Window Washing Cost Report. We recommend comparing quotes from multiple companies before deciding which one to hire. It's also important to verify that your contractor is properly licensed and insured.

7. Contractor's travel time
Do you live within the window cleaner's normal service area? If not, a fuel surcharge may be applied to your final bill.

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Average Window Cleaning Prices
(includes interior and exterior cleaning)
Annandale, VA$8.70 - $11 per pane
Austin, TX$5.90 - $7.80 per pane
Boston, MA$8.20 - $11 per pane
Columbus, OH$5.70 - $7.50 per pane
Denver, CO$6.30 - $8.30 per pane
Detroit, MI$6.20 - $8.10 per pane
Indianapolis, IN$5.40 - $7.10 per pane
Las Vegas, NV$6.30 - $8.30 per pane
Los Angeles, CA$8.50 - $11 per pane
Oklahoma City, OK$5.70 - $7.40 per pane
Phoenix, AZ$6.20 - $8.20 per pane
Portland, OR$6.90 - $9.00 per pane
Seattle, WA$7.50 - $9.90 per pane
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