Cost of Wallpaper Removal

How much should wallpaper removal cost? We've got 10 facts you should know about the cost of having wallpaper professionally removed.
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Updated on December 16, 2022
By ProMatcher Staff, ProMatcher

Cost of Wallpaper Removal

How Much Does Wallpaper Removal Cost?

10 Things You Should Know Before Getting Started

Use the article below to get a better idea of how much your wallpaper removal project should cost. If you're ready to get started on your project now, request a free quote now from a local professional.

1. Your geographic location.

Where you live may impact the cost of your project. If the cost of living in your area is high, you should expect to pay higher prices for materials and labor.

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2. Time and materials.

Most contractors will base their quote on the estimated amount of time and materials required to complete the project. However, wallpaper removal can be a tricky project and it may be difficult to provide an accurate estimate. The contractor may remove a test section of wallpaper to get a better idea of how long the work will take.

3. Moving furniture.

Before the project can begin, you may need to move heavy furniture and other items out of the way. You may be able to save a few dollars by moving furniture yourself. If you need help, the contractor may charge a little extra.

4. Protecting your belongings.

Your contractor should properly protect your furniture, belongings, and flooring with a drop cloth, tarp, or plastic sheeting. This should be included in the estimate, if necessary.

5. Do you have drywall or plaster walls?

It is typically easier to remove wallpaper from plaster than drywall. If your house has drywall, your project may take a little more time.

6. Degree of difficulty.

The time required to remove the wallpaper will depend on a number of different factors: What type of wallpaper was used? How many layers are being removed? How old is the wallpaper? Has someone painted over the wallpaper? Each strip of wallpaper may come a little differently.

7. Ease of access.

Is the wallpapered area easy to access? Is any special safety equipment required to reach the area? Removing wallpaper from a small bathroom will cost much less than removing wallpaper from a foyer with very high ceilings.

8. Wallpaper removal method.

Drywall can be removed several different ways. It can be stripped off dry, it can be steamed off, or it can be removed with the help of a chemical product. Your contractor will recommend the best method for your project.

9. Wall repairs.

After the wallpaper has been completely removed, the wall surface may need some minor repairs. These repairs may increase the cost of your project. If the walls will be re-papered or repainted, this will also come at an additional cost.

10. Basic cleanup.

Make sure that basic cleanup services are included in the contractor’s estimate. Your home should be left in great shape with no trash or debris left lying around.

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Cost of Wallpaper Removal per hour
Average Cost
High  $53.68
Low  $44.89
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Cost of Wallpaper Removal per square foot
Average Cost
High  $3.09
Low  $1.94
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