How Much for Plumber to Install a Sump Pump?

The average cost of sump pump installation is $1,700. This includes a submersible pump and all installation labor. Replacing an old sump pump may cost less than installing a brand new sump pump and pit in your home's basement or crawlspace.
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Updated on January 10, 2017


How Much for Plumber to Install a Sump Pump?

Your geographic location may have a large impact on the total cost of the job. Labor rates vary significantly throughout the country. Wages tend to be higher in large cities - increasing the cost of installation. Take a look at the table below to see how prices may vary from city to city.

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Sump Pump Installation Cost Estimates
Ann Arbor, MI$950 - $1,100
Atlanta, GA$960 - $1,100
Carlsbad, NM$950 - $1,100
Charlotte, NC$930 - $1,100
Colorado Springs, CO$930 - $1,100
Elk Grove, CA$1,600 - $1,900
Fargo, ND$930 - $1,100
Lake Havasu City, AZ$1,100 - $1,300
Las Vegas, NV$1,000 - $1,200
Milwaukee, WI$1,000 - $1,200
Sacramento, CA$1,200 - $1,400
Salt Lake City, UT$1,000 - $1,200
Washington, DC$1,400 - $1,700
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