Cost of Sump Pump Installation

Learn about the factors that increase and decrease the cost of installing a sump pump.
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Updated on February 16, 2015
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Cost of Sump Pump Installation

Sump Pump Installation Cost Factors

The cost of sump pump installation will increase or decrease based upon a number of factors. This article is intended to provide you a checklist of questions to ask yourself and your contractor.

This key will serve as your guide:

$0 = No additional cost
$ = Standard cost
$$= Additional cost

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Is the sump pump location easily accessible?

$ - When installed in an unfinished basement.

$$ - When installed in a finished basement that requires the removal of flooring, carpet, drywall, or other finishes.

$$ - When installed in a crawl space.

Is there standing water in area where the pump is to be installed ?

$ - When the area is dry when the sump pump is installed.

$$ - When the contractor needs to pump or vacuum water from the workspace.

Is there an existing drain system and or sump pit?

$ - When there is an existing drain system for the sump pump to use, then the contractor only needs to dig a sump pump pit and connect it to the drain system.

$$ - If there is no existing drain system, the contractor will have to retrofit your home with a drain system.

Do you need more than one pump?

$ - When only one pump is needed. Usually for smaller spaces or when water problems are not too significant.

$$ - When multiple pumps are needed. This is sometimes necessary when the area that needs to be drained exceeds 1,000 square feet or you have a severe water problem.

What type of pump do you want installed?

$ - When installing a pedestal pump. Less expensive option.

$$ - When installing a submersible pump. More expensive option.

Do you want a battery back-up for the pump?

$0 - If you install a pump without a battery backup.

$$ - If you install a pump with a battery backup.

Is there an electrical outlet in the area where the sump pump is to be installed?

$0 - If there is an electrical outlet nearby.

$$ - If it is necessary to install an outlet.

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DoubleCheck - Your contractor has a licensed electrician doing the work.

Where is the water going to be pumped?

$0 - If you have an outdoor drain system, the plumber can connect the sump pump drain to that system.

$$ - If you need to install outdoor pipes or drain tiles to ensure that water does not flow back toward the foundation. There are a number of solutions that can be used: flexible pipes, drain tiles, changing the grade of the slope outside.

Questions to Ask Your Contractor

1. What is the start date? You may need to do some pre-construction work yourself such as moving furniture, shelving, etc.

2. When will workers be arriving in the morning and leaving in the evening?

3. How long will the installation take?

4. Does the estimate include the cost of labor and materials?

5. Is the contractor properly licensed? Do not be bashful about asking to see licenses.

6. Is the contractor insured? Feel free to ask for a certificate of insurance.

7. Will the work area be sealed up during construction? If the work requires concrete saw cutting and jackhammering, you will want to make certain the contractor installs a plastic barrier around the work area.

8. Is there a warranty on the pump and labor? Pump manufacturers generally offer a warranty on the pump; however, if the pump is faulty, you’ll want to know whether the contractor will charge to remove and replace the pump.

DoubleCheck - That you get the warranty in writing.

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Cost of Sump Pump Installation for a submersible pump
Average Cost
High  $1,283.61
Low  $1,064.66
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Cost of Sump Pump Installation for a pedestal pump
Average Cost
High  $706.25
Low  $343.75
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