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1318 Barksdale Road - Newark, DE 19711
Licensed & Accredited to provide Complete Residential Home Buyer and Seller Services. Specialized in First Time Buyer needs. New Homes. Resale. Relocation. Successful Marketing. Residential Real Estate Investment & related services. Consulting based on real estate needs. MANY CONNECTIONS available for Lenders, Appraisers, Lawyers, Movers, Insurance, Inspection Services (Radon, Termite, HVAC and Plumbing Systems, Roof, Well, Septic, etc). Web enabled searches and service SEVEN DAYS a week.

Will Webber - 302-368-5400  

Associate Broker - Owner

Home Warranty Programs
Real Estate Brokers & Agents - Residential
Real Estate Consultants
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Real Estate Development - Residential
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State of Delaware Real Estate Broker License.

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Questions & Answers
Q: What advice would you give to a customer looking to hire a company like yours?
A: Interview your Realtor. Be clear to your agent about your goals. Be realistic. Try not to "hear what you want to hear" and be available for the truth. Testimonials are a good start to learn your options. Be alert about "experts" who pay-to-play and get found on Zillow or Realtor Dot Com or Trulia because those are places that create FALSE confidence.

Q: What is the most common type of project or service your company provides?
A: My service is simple. Effectively serve home buyers and home sellers! Guard, maximize, and preserve ALL money available when selling a home. Protect all home buyers from overpaying, introducing trusted service providers (lenders, contractors, inspectors, etc) to make the BEST result for the home buyer's satisfaction.

Q: What would you like your customers to know about your company?
A: My company? Pick an agent based on reputation. Find an agent based on referrals. Check an agent based on testimonials. Interview the agent based on specific questions and be available for honest answers. TRUST is available to be earned and ideally is a two way street between customer (client) and the licensed agent who provides the service.

Q: What is your company best known for?
A: My company is ME. To know me, check my YouTube channel. I offer informational videos for buyers and sellers. My marketing us "way above others" and my video activities promote that in ways that make my approach unique. Watch me customize my service to provide the BEST result.

Q: What separates your company from the competition?
A: Anybody can promise anything. What separates me is my total commitment to the success of my client. You will be hard-pressed to find more passion and more zeal than I bring to every conversation and to every email. (Like right now, maybe?) Tireless! Resourceful! Passionate! Earning referrals every day and with every action I take.

Q: Does your company offer a warranty or guarantee?
A: Within reason --- What warranty or guarantee do you seek? We can talk about customizing to suit your specific needs. Call or write to me, and we will discuss it.

Q: What questions do customers most frequently ask you? What is your answer?
A: OMG --- Every customer is different. I have never had a buyer say, "I want to overpay for a house that I will hate". I have never had a seller say, "I don't need every $$$ there is when I sell my home". So, with more than 600 transaction sides, the questions vary a little, and the answers are always honest, timely, well-considered, and useful.

Q: Has your company received any awards?
A: My company is "award winning" and innovative. I personally and professionally win business and win referrals based on performance over many years of experience. Do you want specifics? We should talk. If you want to be under-represented, lied to, avoided, or otherwise at risk for an expensive mistake, it is better we do not speak.

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Dedication, honesty, respect, resourcefulness and humor are just a few of the words people use to describe Will Webber’s dynamic and accommodating personality. Curious? Visit WillWebberHomes.Com or call 302-368-5400. Will Webber is a genuine people person who has served more than 600 clients during his 25-year career as a Realtor and Broker in the State of Delaware. One of his true pleasures is to create and sustain life-long relationships with his clients, who return to him time after time again to make their real estate dreams happen.
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Achievements - History

There are select few who understand the Delaware real estate market better than Will. Graduated University of Delaware, (4 yr BSBA). Will was a property manager for 22 years concurrent with being an appraiser, Realtor, & Broker. Skilled and Licensed for 25+ years, who knows more? Will's focus is "retain his clients’ wealth in every real estate transaction". Will has gained a reputation as the “go to” Realtor in Newark, Wilmington & surrounding areas. He is a partner in three Keller Williams offices in DE & NJ.
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Ancient History

Born a very long time ago ... Started High School near Pittsburgh. Finished in Virginia. Hitchhiked from Delaware to California and back before joining US Army for 3+ years. Bronze Star. Vietnam Veteran. Saved $$$ to be full time college student. Borrowed nothing and worked hard to support myself and earn BSBA without student loans. My entrepreneurial skills also helped sustain my needs as a student. Graduated (4 yr Business Degree) University of Delaware. If any of this makes you curious, then we deserve the interview to see if we should work together. My home phone has been 302-368-5400 more than half my life.
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Memberships ---

Member of Delaware Association of Realtors (DAR) more than 25 years. Member New Castle County Board of Realtors (NCCBOR) more than 25 years. Member at New Castle County Chamber of Commerce (NCCCC) and Business Ambassador about 10 years. Former member at Rotary in Wilmington Delaware. Member at Delaware Blood Bank (1975).
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Will’s well-rounded knowledge makes him the best choice for Buyers, Sellers & Investors. With particular expertise in the luxury home market he is also an excellent resource for first-time home-buyers & anybody who will enjoy a friendly, tireless partner as guide through the details of any real estate experience. Other skills: expert negotiator, “out of the box” solutions, divorce sales, estate liquidation and years of experience with builders. 302-368-5400
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“Will is one of the smartest and most personable people I know. He has a wealth of real estate expertise, a genuine love of Delaware, and a sense of humor that makes every home buying and selling experience enjoyable. When it’s time for serious business, you can always count on Will, but you will remember him for having made you happy, whatever your real estate goals.” - James Woods Attorney at Law
“Who has ever had a real estate transaction that was stress free? We have had THREE flawless transactions. (The first purchase was handled over the phone when a “bag phone” was the hot technology in 1989. We always kid him about his continuously updated tools to do his job). Will Webber was our guide for a purchase, then a sale, and lastly the purchase of this amazing home we are proud to own today. Thank you again and again and again, Will Webber.” — Joe and Belma Prosceno, Airport Coin Shop, Wilmington, DE
“Will Webber has focus that never misses the goal. How does he balance that intensity? With humor! Those are his gifts.” — Rick Katz, Pike Creek, DE
We had some terrible experiences with previous real estate transactions. Then we met 118 Country Side Will Webber. Our view of the entire profession was changed. “We need the bad ones out there so that the rest of us look good” is what Will says about people with lesser standards or skills. Since we met Will Webber, there have been no Buyer or Seller real estate related horror stories to tell.” — Steve & Lindsay, Suburban Wilmington, DE
I have had the good fortune to know Will Webber for many years. Will is the consummate professional. When it comes to homes and real estate Will knows the market and the region. Will brings over two decades of experience to helping his clients purchase the perfect home. He also has the skill to sell homes for the best possible price. A brief chat with Will is all that is necessary to understand his commitment to the job. I am impressed with Will’s dedication to community and his familiarity with Delaware and the region. Will has been a longtime resident of Newark and is a good neighbor. I appreciate Will’s kindness and his composed demeanor. I always enjoy my friendly and funny interactions with Will and I know you will as well. — Paul Baurenschmidt, Newark, DE
While we wanted to buy a house, I was dreading the entire process as complicated and anxiety-provoking. After meeting our Realtor, Will, he quickly set us at our ease, answering our questions and demystifying the process. He has been readily available for questions and guidance regardless of day or time, and has gone out of his way to accommodate our wants and needs. Through his support, we were able to find the right home that not only met our criteria, it exceeded them! I recommend Will to anyone about to enter the real-estate search: he is highly skilled and helpful via his professional knowledge and his interpersonally supportive nature. — Charlotte Selig, Psy.D., and MaryAlice Kramer (daughter & mother), Newark, DE
Will Webber is the utmost professional providing required information, meeting deadlines and very focused on each transaction. He demonstrates a high degree of competence and past collab0rative efforts demonstrate his dedication to professionalism. Working with Will over the past 25 years has been pleasant and professional as Will has demonstrated a high degree of knowledge in many areas involving the real estate business while representing his clients and customers.” – Cindy Johnston, RE/MAX
Will Webber is one of the most helpful and kindest people we know. Look up the words ‘Good Neighbor’ in the dictionary. There! Can you see his picture?” ?? – Monroe and Mary Hite?, Newark, DE?
Will Webber helped me a couple of years ago when I was in the market for a home. He 10 highland 19711completely exceeded my expectations, and I had already set high expectations thanks to his great reputation in the business community. Because he was an appraiser many years before launching his real estate business, he has a keener eye than do most real estate agents. He kindly pointed out structural issues I wouldn’t have noticed, steering me away from homes I would have otherwise purchased and later regretted. He put my best interests first. For that, I am so thankful that I worked with Will.” – Brooke Grubb, Newark, DE
“Will is one of the smartest and most personable people I know. He has a wealth of real estate expertise, a genuine love of Delaware, and a sense of humor that makes every home buying and selling experience enjoyable. When it’s time for serious business, you can always count on Will, but you will remember him for having made you happy, whatever your real estate goals.” - James Woods Attorney at Law
I would like to take this opportunity to express my opinion regarding Will Webber. I met Will through the Chambers of Commerce Networking Group (LNG). Will Webber exemplifies kindness and respect and is extremely knowledgeable as a Realtor. Throughout his presentations and one-on-ones, he demonstrates how dedicated he is to his customers in providing superior service. He has a positive attitude and is very enthusiastic. Many connections at the New Castle County Chamber of Commerce and the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce know his work firsthand. Will Webber is a respected resource.” – Michelle Reynolds, Middletown, DE
How We Charge For Our Services
Home Warranty Programs
- $250.00 to $550.00 per year (for new house)
- $250.00 to $550.00 per year (for pre-existing house)
Home Warranty (consider "insurance" for appliances) is not a universal need, therefore not for every client. We deserve the conversation to find the BEST FIT for your individual needs.

Real Estate Brokers & Agents - Residential
- 0.00 to 6.00 percent of sale
When working with BUYERS, the Seller pays me to get you a good deal, and your cost is $Zero$. When working with Sellers, the real estate commission is negotiable. As a Realtor and Broker, I can commit to negotiations that serve my Client. Rates are between $0.00 and 6% and often somewhere in-between.

Real Estate Consultants
- 1.00 to 6.00 percent of sale
Working for free is not a successful business model. Services provided relate to VALUE ADDED by my consultations. Check my testimonials to see how this philosophy works for me.

Real Estate Development - Advisors
- 4.00 to 6.00 percent
Real Estate Services --- Full Service available. Unbundled service also is part of a negotiation. The above rates are negotiated separately for all clients.

Real Estate Research, Information & Market Reports
- $1.00 to $450.00 fixed fee per report
There is more data out there than most can absorb. Let me know what you seek. We will both know how we can work together when we have our first phone (or email) interview. Our purpose will to identify needs, goals, timing, and abilities. Cost? Generally NOTHING.

Articles & Videos
High End - High Altitude Marketing
New technology allows important advances and the ability to draw people in ways never thought possible before now.

* All information in this profile, including licensing, has been provided by Keller Williams Realty. This information is not verified by ProMatcher.

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