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Washpon Properties Solutions & Salvage  

2420 County Road 432 - Rockdale, TX 76567

Kathleen McIntyre - 254-307-0621  


Asphalt Demolition or Removal
Concrete - Sawing, Demolition or Removal
Demolition - Commercial, Industrial, Bridge
Demolition - Residential
Dumpster Service - Delivery and Pickup
and more...

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Questions & Answers
Q: What advice would you give to a customer looking to hire a company like yours?
A: Demolition contractors are some of the most regulated construction industry professionals. As they are working on structures that are often damaged by fire, weather, or structural deficiency, most demolition projects require permit review by local municipal building departments. As demolition contractors handle hazardous materials and toxic substances there are a host of municipal, state and federal environmental regulations that govern the industry’s operations. As demolition is a dynamic craft and contractors are dealing with a variety of structures, the industry’s health and safety regulations are very strong. Many states have their own health & safety rules and the Federal Government’s Occupational Safety & Health Administration’s (OSHA) Construction Standard (29 CFR 1926) contains a specific section on demolition operations.

Q: What is the most common type of project or service your company provides?
A: The practices that make up the demolition, dismantlement, deconstruction, removal, recycling, salvage, reuse, transfer or disposal of buildings, structures and their components. The Demolition Process is how a building or structure is demolished or gutted in preparation for redevelopment or reuse.

Q: What would you like your customers to know about your company?
A: Early Termination-Labor rate discounts are based on the term length and number of hours in the agreement. If the client wishes to terminate the contract early, the client agrees to provide 7 days written notice. Early termination also negates any discounts and the client agrees to pay the difference between the agreement rate and our standard rate for all hours in the agreement.

Q: What is your company best known for?
A: Residential Demolition

Q: What separates your company from the competition?
A: What separates our company from the competition is we strive to provide cost-effective construction services by maintaining a lean overhead structure and transparency in billing. As a client, you want to know up front what you and I will be working on and how much it will cost to complete the project. Only then can you assess whether the services you are buying will add value to your project, or company.

Q: Does your company offer a warranty or guarantee?
A: We, do hereby warrant that all labor and material furnished and work performed in conjunction with the referenced project are in compliance with the Contract Documents and authorized modifications thereto, and will be free from defects due to defective materials or workmanship for a period of (1) year or a time as specified in the Project Manual from the Date of Turnover. Should any defects develop during the warranty period due to the improper material, workmanship, or arrangement, the same, including adjacent work displaced, shall be made good by the undersigned at no expense to the Owner. The Owner will give Subcontractor written notice of defective work. Should the Subcontractor fail to correct defective work within Thirty (30) days after receipt of written notice, Owner may, at his or her option, correct and charge Subcontractor cost for such correction. Subcontractor agrees to pay such charges upon demand. Nothing in the above shall be deemed to apply to work which has been abused or neglected by the Owner.

Q: What questions do customers most frequently ask you? What is your answer?
A: The City of Austin requires property owners to get a permit before demolishing any structure on their property. According to a best practice guide, demolition permits are required to ensure that the activity is carried out safely, complies with regulations, and minimizes impacts on surrounding neighbors. In Austin, demolition permit applications are accepted, processed, and issued by two different departments depending on the type of property involved. For residential properties, the public submits an application to the Development Services Department for their review and approval. If the structure is over 40 years old, the Historic Preservation Office (a division of the Planning and Zoning Department) must also review the application. For commercial properties, the public submits an application to the Historic Preservation Office for their review and approval. After a demolition takes place, the property owner is expected to schedule an inspection by the City to close out the permit. Demolition permits are valid for two years or until closed by the inspector.

Q: Does your company offer discounts to senior citizens or veterans?
A: Senior citizen and veterans discounts are available.

Project Gallery  

Washpon Properties Solutions & Salvage boasts a fleet of contractors, and machinery including bobcats, tip trucks & excavators, all managed by our team of professional operators. Our aim is to provide a professional and hassle free experience for all your earthmoving, and preservation requirements right across Texas. We have built a solid reputation for always providing a honest and reliable service. Washpon Properties Solutions & Salvage offer a obligation free, fixed price quotation on a variety of demolition and excavation projects from site clearing, concrete removal, demolition works. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction

• Carpentry Contractors • Crew in Property Preservation • Pools Demolition • Residential Demolition • Garages/Sheds Demolition • Concrete Demolition • Asphalt Demolition • Commercial Buildings Demolition • Fence Demolition • Tree Removal • Driveway Removal • Backhoe Rental with Operator • Building Demolition • Concrete Removal • Structural demolition • Building Wrecking • Asbestos Removal • Selective Demolition • Interior Demolition • Select Demolition • Industrial & Fire Demolition • Bulldozer Rental with Operator • Concrete Breaking and Cutting for Demolition • Building Cleaning for large facilities interiors during and immediately after Construction • Demolition Estimates • Driveway Removal • Janitorial for Large Facilities • Landscaping • Hauling and Removal
How We Charge For Our Services
Asphalt Demolition or Removal
- $2.50 to $3.50 per square foot
General Billing Philosophy-The time that we expend on our client's behalf is billable. This includes phone calls, email, research, documentation, equipment acquisition, meetings, travel, troubleshooting, scheduling, and travel. It also may include time spent on tasks for our client's that are not listed above, though typical billing inquiries are specifically not-billable. Billing Increments-For contract labor clients, we bill in 15-minute increments. Otherwise, we bill in half-hour increments. These increments are per-issue, per-person, per-day.

* All information in this profile, including licensing, has been provided by Washpon Properties Solutions & Salvage. This information is not verified by ProMatcher.

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