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VEGALUCE SRL/ Edilizia Ecosostenibile Srl  

Via Divisione Julia N°13 - Dalmine (BG) ITALY, AL 28328
Vegaluce Srl / Eulalia Società Agricola ARL / Edilizia Ecosostenibile Srl are three companies that work in the field of energy savings, production of agricultural and food products with intensive production systems exploiting land with low production capacity and environmentally sustainable construction. # energyfood2030 and our goal to solve social, demographic and economic problems for areas with poor geo-political development with the "Kleopatra" project

Nazaj MYNYR - +393891044750  

CEO Vegaluce Srl , Eulalai Societa Agricola Arl , Edilizia Ecosostenibile Srl

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Questions & Answers
Q: What advice would you give to a customer looking to hire a company like yours?
A: I recycle, project and realize any kind of functional, complete and ready to use work, turnkey . I propose and arrange several feasible, civil and industrial urbanization projects of primary and secondary grade; roads, highways, railways, airports, subways, dams, aqueducts; residential, civil, hospital, educational, institutional, industrial and religious centres as well as depuration of solids, liquids and air; restorations, demolition recoveries and reconstructions. Further, sustainable human development and alternative energy such as eolic, photovoltaic, hydroelectric, geothermal, cooling, biomass and energy plants etc., especially in developing areas. enabled to sign projects, and the owner and Technical Director of the homonymous company energy&food2030 GROUPPwith SOA and Quality Certification, authorised to perform projects and constructions "allover in the world ." - focused to design, build, install, and invest by myself and/or with companies to be appointed in the production and management of primary and secondary infrastructure works, as well as in alternative energy projects (eolic, photovoltaic, hydroelectric, geothermal) in Italy and abroad. - performing worldwide activity in projects, research and development of sites in the renewable energy sector including business development, option, purchase and sale of own or third party photovoltaic, biomass, hydropower and geothermal plants to install on ground, on roof , in greenhouse, and eolic installations on ground or in the sea, to investors or partial byers in general. - desposed to promote and implement, by the means of proper relational portfolio, the detection of final investors, banks, funds and industrial investors interested in acquiring projects regarding the construction of photovoltaic, hydroelectric, biomass, and/or wind power plants, having all the documentation ready to start work and provided with all the authorizations required by applicable law locally and internationally.

Q: What is the most common type of project or service your company provides?
A: Renewable energy plants Photovoltaic systems Congeneration plants Solar thermal systems Ecosustainable construction Anti-seismic formwork Heat accumulator for civil and industrial use Electricity generator for civil and industrial use Transformation of abandoned industrial areas into areas for the production of renewable energy, agri-food production and animal husbandry Kleopatra Project

Q: In what ways is your company environmentally friendly?
A: In our work and sacred to respect the environment and our technologies are innovative and environmentally sustainable systems. Our eco-friendly buildings are civil home without management fees (they do not need electricity, water, gas) because they are self-producing and self-managed automatically and are 100% eco. In these houses are not chemical elements, iron, cement and petrioly derivatives In the industrial field and insitutions we have technologies that can save 80% of their energy requirements Kleopatra project is an innovation in the field of large-scale renewable energy plants that transforms the plant area into agri-food and livestock production areas with a return on investment over three years. This project uses non-productive land and abandoned industrial areas and a solution to solve supply problems with natural products and overcomes social problems in suburbs and non-developed countries

Q: What would you like your customers to know about your company?
A: Due to the nature of our work in this field of energy saving and sustainable construction you can ask for information and collaboration in technology that is used, innovative systems and investments that are of high performance. The future of our life will be to create the sustainable environment in order to produce, live and work # energyfood2030 Find the right answers from us

Q: What is your company best known for?
A: Edilizia Ecosostenibile Srl

Q: What separates your company from the competition?
A: The competition exists but is a reason to overcome and so will be a reason to create something new that brings good to us and humanity The change will be when it starts from us primis

Q: Does your company offer a warranty or guarantee?
A: Innovative systems that we use are of the latest generation and have a guarantee of more than 10 years and our company also adding our high quality work to each customer by a 15 year warranty

Q: What questions do customers most frequently ask you? What is your answer?
A: Question always - Do we have to trust? The answer - Not only trust but also respect in what we propose and we must achieve for you

Q: Does your company offer discounts to senior citizens or veterans?
A: Yes 2for your contribution in life but also for their wisdom as a visit to our new generations0%

Q: Describe a project or service that your company recently completed (include challenges, costs, and innovative solutions).
A: Home project without management fee: Innovative systems on electrical and thermo-hydraulic systems (using two separate ducts for direct and alternating current thus saving in the AC / DC transformation and heating and cooling of the integrated perimeter system) We do not use cement, iron and chemical materials but all construction materials are eco-friendly and have the ability to reduce thermal, acoustic and humidity very high dispersion Rainwater is recovered from domestic use Appliances are double-entry ACS and use little energy Lighting and direct connection with photovoltaic production system A heat exchange heat pump is used which is supplied by the solar thermal panels, Geotremic and chimney The construction costs are equal to a traditional construction and the economic benefits on energy savings 100% adding also the benefits of greetings

Q: Is your company a member of any associations?
A: No

Q: Tell us a little about your company.
A: I am an Albanian Citadino who has been working and living here in Italy since 1997 After many work experience in the field of ipreditoria in 2004 as a Pioneer in the field of renewable energy here in Italy Many projects in the field of energy saving and innovation that were asked in the early stages have brought close to me people with technical and intellectual preparation who have given me the possibility to conceive and relate many projects under my guidance. We have worked hard and with our profesionalita the clienta has brought trust and this responsibility has paid off. We entered the field of eco-sustainable building to bring our energy savings news and remove the harmful materials from our homes, environments where we spend more time of our lives and we realized for the first time the house without running costs and 100% eco-friendly . For EXPO 2015 we have studied and perfected the Kleopatra project, but only that our company reality is not large and not taken into account This project is realized in small dimensions and has given high results but its relaizzazione in wide scaal from the posibbilita to have three products in the same surface of non productive earth (renewable energy, agro-alimentary products and zootecnici) We also have traditional anti-seismic building projects with excellent results

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Fornitura componenti fotovoltaici

Pannelli solari fotovoltaici produzione Cinese 0,52€/Wp Pannelli solari fotovoltaici produzione Europeo 0,62€/Wp Inverter di tutti tipi con prezzi convegnenti
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Impianti "chiavi in Mano"

Impianti fotovoltaici "Chiavi in mano" 2100€/Kwp Impianti solari termici 300L 2100€uro
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Progetto "kleopatra"

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