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Selena's Landscape, Design & Tree Service, LLC  

702 Preston Ave - Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
Selena’s Landscape, Design & Tree Service is a full service landscape company. In business for over 20 years we specialize in Hardscapes, water gardens, lawns (seeding, sod or hydro seeding), and all areas of landscaping. We would love to work with you.

Joel Allen - 484-645-4707  


Artificial Grass or Turf - Install
Fall Lawn - Rake, Clean, Remove
Fill Dirt - Delivery
Landscape - Install or Plant
Landscape Designers - Commercial
and more...

commonwealth of Pennsylvania, PA 076901

Progressive Insurance 1,000.00

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Questions & Answers
Q: What advice would you give to a customer looking to hire a company like yours?
A: We hope you enjoy your tour through our website and invite you to create an account and add the landscape elements you admire into your very own personal wish list. Gather your images/photos/notes to share with our landscape sales designer and let Selena's Landscape, Design & Tree Service build the perfect outdoor environment of your dreams.

Q: What is the most common type of project or service your company provides?
A: Lawn Care, Planting , Mowing, Tree service, soft scapeing

Q: In what ways is your company environmentally friendly?
A: Selena’s Landscape, Design & Tree Service, LLC. is committed to minimizing our impact on the environment through sustainable practices and earth-friendly products. We have been eco-friendly since we opened in 210. By improving all aspects of our services and maximizing our efficiency, it is our goal to remain one of the most progressive and innovative landscape companies in the Bryn Mawr area. Here are a few of the ways we’re achieving this goal: • We use recycled waste products as organic fertilizers for lawns, trees & shrubs. • We recycle much of our office waste. In doing so, we have reduced our impact on the local landfills by nearly 75 percent. • We conserve energy by using fluorescent lighting in our offices and homes. • We have and continue to purchase smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles. • We keep 95 percent off our grass clippings out of the landfill by recycling them into our clients’ lawns. • We continually review and revise our service routes so that we can achieve the utmost efficiency, thereby reducing our overall fuel consumption. • We are aware of the strain that our lawns and landscapes put on our water supply, so we have begun to include more “native” plantings in our landscape projects.

Q: What would you like your customers to know about your company?
A: We take care of your Lawn. So don't have too.

Q: What is your company best known for?
A: Lawn Care and Snow Service

Q: What separates your company from the competition?
A: We take the time needed to service your lawn care problems.

Q: What questions do customers most frequently ask you? What is your answer?
A: Are we inexpensive no. If you need cheap lawn care service it's not us. We all know you get what you pay.

Q: Does your company offer discounts to senior citizens or veterans?
A: Yes 10% off on lawn mowing service only. Must show ID.

Project Gallery  
Selena M. Allen

We at Selena's Landscape, Design & Tree Service are extremely proud to attract and retain some of the best people in the landscaping business. Talented, experienced and handpicked, our staff is committed to the highest standards of excellence for all landscape, design and installation projects, from your first consultation to the continued maintenance of the completed design. Our dedicated staff represents a broad spectrum of talent and training, with the shared goal of creating beautifully innovative, one-of-a-kind solutions that fulfill every client’s dreams and desires.
Joel Allen / Owner

My name is Selena Allen and I am the president of Selena’s Landscape, Design, and Tree service. Since the age of 5 I have always loved helping out my father in the yard. By helping to put together a pond, making a vegetable garden, making bird houses, and etc. My passion for nature came from my great grandmother who also loved to grow things in her yard. When I was 8 my father, Joel Allen II who is the vice president of the company allowed me to go into business. Since then my dream and the business has blossomed tremendously over the years. We have impeccable services that include Power washing, Landscape design, Lawn care and Pest Control, Junk removal, Fence services, Gutter cleaning, and much more. Even for people who want to know how to care for their lawn, we also offer lawn care classes. Besides our outstanding services, we also have a committed staff that works hard and strives to appease our customers. They are trained to give our customers a since of clarity, while also g
About Us Image
How We Charge For Our Services
Artificial Grass or Turf - Install
- $50.00 to $75.00 per hour (plus materials)
Artificial grass comes with a big upfront cost — $10 to $30 per square foot, installed. Once it's down, it's free for the next 15 to 25 years.

Fall Lawn - Rake, Clean, Remove
- $30.00 to $35.00 per hour for raking and bagging
- $35.00 to $40.00 per hour for curbside vacuuming or bag pick-up
- $67.00 to $79.00 fixed fee for 1/8 acre lot
- $79.00 to $89.00 fixed fee for 1/4 acre lot (most typical)
- $120.00 to $145.00 fixed fee for 1/2 acre lot
- $145.00 to $175.00 fixed fee per 1 acre
Per man hour

Fill Dirt - Delivery
- $75.00 to $150.00 per yard for fill dirt
It depends on where you live and what we need to do to delivery it.

Landscape - Install or Plant
- $45.00 to $100.00 per hour (per person) plus materials
Depending on the size and location of the project.

Landscape Designers - Commercial
- $75.00 to $150.00 per hour
Depending on the size and location of the project, it can cost anywhere from $300-$2,500 to have a landscape designer create a detailed plan for your property. For simpler projects, it's also possible to get 1-2 hours of onsite verbal consultation for $50-$100 an hour. On the other end of the scale, "name" designers and architects might charge $6,000-$16,000 or more for detailed plans and drawings.

Landscape Designers - Residential
- $45.00 to $60.00 per hour
- $150.00 to $300.00 flat rate for home planting plan
- 20.00 to 30.00 percent of landscaping cost
per man hour

Lawn - Aeration Services
- $55.00 to $65.00 per visit (1 acre)
- $45.00 to $55.00 per visit (1/2 acre)
- $30.00 to $45.00 per visit (1/4 acre)
Per man hour

Lawn - Mow or Maintain
- $60.00 to $65.00 per visit (1 acre)
- $40.00 to $50.00 per visit (1/4 acre)
- $50.00 to $60.00 per visit (1/2 acre)
per man hour

Lawn or Garden - Pull Weeds
- $35.00 to $65.00 per hour
Per man hour

Leaf Cleanup and Removal
- $30.00 to $40.00 per hour for raking and bagging
- $30.00 to $35.00 fixed fee for 1/4 acre lot (most typical)
- $35.00 to $40.00 fixed fee for 1/2 acre lot
- $40.00 to $45.00 fixed fee for 1 acre lot
- $35.00 to $45.00 per hour for curbside vacuuming or bag pick-up
- $25.00 to $30.00 fixed fee for 1/8 acre lot
Per man hour

Soil - Delivery
- $65.00 to $100.00 per yard for screened topsoil (delivered)
Dumping only

Yard & Lawn - Cleanup
- $35.00 to $45.00 per hour
- $30.00 to $40.00 per visit / by session
Per man hour

* All information in this profile, including licensing, has been provided by Selena's Landscape, Design & Tree Service, LLC. This information is not verified by ProMatcher.

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