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Hamilton Jones Associates, Inc.  

2842 Main St #165 - Glastonbury, CT 06033
Indipendent and discreet research and analysis.
Helping companies find funding.
Helpinng executives focus on their next assignment.

Hamilton Jones Associates is an independent management consulting organization providing senior management development services.

Many of our development projects include small business, commercial, finance, manufacturing, emerging markets, start-ups, and venture capital/joint ventures.

We help you save time and money.

W Hamilton Jones - 860-368-0872  


Management Consulting
Medical Practice Consultants

Private Equity Executive Focus Research and Analysis Alternatives 99% Rule

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A: Know what it is you want to do.

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Project Analysis

Need a project related solution, rather than an overall comprehensive plan? If you already have a focus on where the issues are, we can help you with planning, evaluation, complex business solutions, domestic and international markets, new customers, new acquisitions, partnerships, ideas, and opportunities. We help you with the really difficult, unstructured challenges, that defy textbook answers.
Are We Right For You?

Our services are conducted in partnership with you. That partnership is defined by you. All of our resources are dedicated to finding the solutions you need. Here are some questions you should consider: 1. Do your expectations include a potential for an improvedl financial return, or operating control? 2. Do you expect an improvement in your quality of work life? 3. Do you want an unbiased, objective look at the issues before they impact profits? 4. Does your management team lack the time and people needed to solve particular issues? 5. Are you faced with a unique problem of a special, technical, or discreet nature? 6. Does it appear that the answer to an issue lies outside the expertise of management? 7. Have you have tried other solutions to these issues, but they still persist? 8. Are you looking for consulting expertise that uses a non-disruptive methodology? 'Yes' answers to any of the questions above may mean it is time to consider our alternatives!
Advisory Services

Businesses today face more challenges than ever before. Some do not have the time or ability to be professional in all aspects of their business. Others have limited resources to qualify or fulfill the project. Our advisory service is a unique service, specifically designed for organizations interested in increasing their competitive advantage, obtaining additional funding, or structuring for a future change. Relying on the success of our strategic relationships will: Help you find the individuals and organizations that can help you with the resources to help with new sales, finance, or technology. Help you, your stakeholders and investors acquire capital for debt and equity financing at the best possible terms, if necesary. Provide you, your stakeholders and investors with the comfort of knowing the overall value of the business has increased, and they arre now ready for the next step. Our first preliminary study and exploration is always free.
Board of Directors Services

We provide executive level board services for small and medium sized businesses. There are many reasons for serving on boards, and providing management assistance and executive mentoring is high on the list, as well as helping to guide a company for the time of service. A board of directors can be extremely helpful to your company's success. The members can offer you advice and information on a variety of topics, including development strategy, relationships, financial assistance, and general management. Corporate governance can be enhanced with board suggestions regarding proper oversight, audit, and procedures. What we provide: Missing expertise, needed to help enhance your board expertise. Board experience, needed to help move decisions forward on your board. Senior Management Experience, in a variety of industries.
Mission Statement

Very simply, we believe our first responsibility is to our corporate clients, associates and all others who depend upon our services.
New Projects

New Projects Parameters: Limited resources for sales development Start-ups with high expectations but low resources Loss of key resources at a critical time Researching new markets or business opportunities Contemplating restructuring for future growth Establishing partnerships or alliances with other organizations, companies, or individuals. Projects that spark our interest
Healthcare Education NPO

One organization we are working with is looking for both financial and non-financial assistance. They are presently expanding regionally and nationally, after starting locally. Possibilities include providing outsourced service, research, and telehealth services for interested organizations.
Funding for Socially Responsible Businesses

We are helping to establish long-term economic growth in the United States by supporting and mentoring socially responsible business organizations. We help businesses and entrepreneurs earn revenues, employ people, and generate good wages. These companies share our goal of creating a positive economic, social, and environmental influence in their respective areas. Let me know if you know of any organizations that may be interested.
Marketing Face to Face Interviews

Pro Bono project to determine what marketers charge for face-to-face interviews, personal interviews, person-to-person interviews. This will help price a not-for-profit product.
"Hamilton is a dedicated practitioner of what so many people preach - paying forward. Because he unselfishly gives and gives, I am sure he will certainly get all that he deserves. At the drop of a hat, I would give any assistance to him possible."
“Hamilton is a professional with multiple years of experience. His resume speaks for itself. He has provided many measurable results to his clients and has had a siginificant impact on the people he works with. He is always looking to provide the best relationships possible. I am proud to be listed as one of his contacts.”
“Hamilton has always been imaginative, helpful, and professional in his endeavors to help me set up my business.”
“Hamilton's generosity and helpfulness in sharing his resources and guiding newer people really stands out. He has compiled and provided a roadmap to some of the most useful tools in the networking field. His list of recommended people led me to some extremely valueable contacts that I will always be grateful for.”
“Hamilton has a very good sense of humor and is a detail-oriented CEO who watches the balance sheet like a hawk without losing sight of the strategic objective.”
“Hamilton is an exceptional professional with whom I've enjoyed working. He and his team bring attention to detail that you are looking for in executive agent services. The successful strategy in this sector calls for detailed planning, business intelligence, technical sophistication and financial literacy. Hamilton combines business acumen and a brilliant sense of business needs to quickly gain clients' trust, and to enlighten and motivate.”
““I have got to know Mr. Hamilton through the membership on LinkedIn, and group we are sharing. He is deeply knowledgeable, resourceful, and a pleasure to work with. His advice is solid and a process that drives business. He is a great asset to any company, a strategic thinker, top notch management expert and highly customer oriented.”
"Hamilton is a dedicated practitioner of what so many people preach - paying forward. Because he unselfishly gives and gives, I am sure he will certainly get all that he deserves. At the drop of a hat, I would give any assistance to him possible."
How We Charge For Our Services
Articles & Videos
Entrepreneurs and Job Hunting
Many Entrepreneurs have a 'day' or 'night' job, while they are building their business.

* All information in this profile, including licensing, has been provided by Hamilton Jones Associates, Inc.. This information is not verified by ProMatcher.

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