How Much Does Professional Mural Painting Cost?

On average, professional mural painting costs between $17 and $33 per square foot. However, There are several different ways that muralists price their work.
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Updated on April 11, 2022


How Much Does Professional Mural Painting Cost?

Mural Painting Pricing Methods
  1. Per square foot

    • Total cost = Height * Width * Cost per sq. ft.

    • Example: You would like to add an 8 ft. by 8 ft. (64 sq. ft) mural to one of the walls in your home. If the muralist charges $21 per sq. ft., you can expect to pay about $1,344 for your painting.

  2. Per hour

    • Total cost = Number of hours * Hourly rate

    • Example: If the muralist charges $79/hour and the painting will take 10 hours, you can expect to pay about $790. This hourly rate may or may not include the cost of materials.

  3. Per linear inch

    • Total cost = (Height + Width) * Cost per inch

    • Example: You would like a mural that is 60 inches tall and 60 inches long (120 linear inches). If the muralist charges $10 per linear inch, you can expect to spend about $1200.
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There are many factors that may have an impact on the cost of your mural. Some of these include:
  • Design complexity
  • Commercial vs. residential projects
  • Accessibility of area to be painted
  • Amount of wall or surface prep required
  • Local labor costs
  • Mural size

Mural Painting Cost Estimates
(based on square footage)
6 ft. x 6 ft. $612 - $900
10 ft. x 10 ft. $1,700 - $2,500
30 ft. x 10 ft. $5,100 - $7,500
40 ft. x 10 ft. $6,800 - $10,000
50 ft. x 10 ft. $8,500 - $12,500

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Mural painting costs may also vary based on your geographic location. Labor costs may be much higher in certain places in across the country. If you live in an area where the cost of living is high, your mural may be more expensive.

Mural Painting Cost Estimates
Miami, FL $17-25 per sq. ft.
San Diego, CA $22-32 per sq. ft.
New Orleans, LA $17-24 per sq. ft.
Billings, MT $17-24 per sq. ft.
Honolulu, HI $27-40 per sq. ft.
Dallas, TX $15-22 per sq. ft.
Stamford, CT $24-35 per sq. ft.
Wichita, KS $15-22 per sq. ft.
Detroit, MI $16-24 per sq. ft.
Eugene, OR $18-26 per sq. ft.

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