How Much Does a Mural Typically Cost?

How much do muralists charge? Learn more about the average cost of mural painting and get some helpful information about finding a muralist in your area.
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Updated on December 15, 2022
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How Much Does a Mural Typically Cost?

How Much Do Muralists Charge?

Answer:The average cost of mural painting is about $46.00 per square foot. However, this ballpark figure is only a rough estimate. Use the article below to get a better idea of how much your mural may cost. The following items may have an impact on the cost of your unique project.

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1) Geography. The cost of mural painting is often influenced by your geographic location. In general, prices tend to be higher in large cities and major metropolitan areas. In a state like New York, the cost can vary quite a bit between cities. For example, in Ithaca, NY, the average cost of mural painting is $29.00 per square foot. However, in Manhattan, you might pay closer to $55.00 per square foot for a custom mural.

2) Mural size. Most muralists will charge a set fee per square foot, based on the complexity of the design. For small murals, there may be a set price minimum (regardless of size). For very large murals, the cost per square foot may decrease as the size increases.

3) Well-known artists. If you plan to commission a custom mural from a well-known or famous artist, you should budget accordingly. If your muralist is in high demand, you will pay a premium for his or her services.

4) Materials required. The cost of all the necessary materials (paint, brushes, drop cloths, etc.) should be included in the muralist’s estimate. As a general rule, oil paint tends to be a little more expensive than acrylic paint.

5) Design complexity. What type of mural do you want? Is this a mural for a child's bedroom? Or, is this a large mural for a high school gym? Murals with intricate shading and ornate details will be significantly more expensive than ones with cartoon-like figures and basic shapes. The artist may also charge extra for pieces that require extensive research.

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6) Surface preparation. The cost of painting a mural may also be affected by the amount of preparation the wall needs. By priming the walls yourself, you may be able to keep a few extra dollars in your pocket. However, any drywall patching or wall repairs will come at an extra cost.

7) Indoor murals vs. Outdoor murals. Painting an outdoor mural is typically a little more complicated. The application of a protective coating may help extend the life of your mural. The cost should be included in the muralist’s estimate. Additionally, for murals in public spaces, you may need to secure a permit (and design approval) from a local authority. Weather-related delays may also impact your the timeline and budget of your outdoor mural project.

8) Residential vs. Commercial. Mural artists may price their work a little differently for commercial clients. If the mural must be painted at night or on the weekend (outside of normal business hours), the artist may charge slightly higher fees.

10) Accessibility. Where will the mural be located? Is any special equipment required to reach the area (scaffolding, ladders, etc.)? Is there any furniture in the way? Is part of the mural located on the ceiling? Working around any of these obstacles will increase the cost of your mural.

11) Cleanup. Basic site cleanup should be included in the price quote. The area should be left just as clean (if not cleaner) than it was before the artist arrived.

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