Home and Business Decorating Tips with Fine Art

Fine art can transform space, give character and create a feeling of welcome in your home or business. Placing the right painting or mural in a room may have a greater impact than you can imagine.
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Updated on July 19, 2013
By , artoftk

Home and Business Decorating Tips with Fine Art

Fine art paintings are a great decorating element. They can transform spaces in a home or business, give them character, provide a sense of belonging and create a feeling of welcome. Paintings can also affect the ambiance of the room, help in expanding small rooms and heightening low ceilings. In businesses, they are a fantastic show piece especially mural sizes. They can give your business a real identity.

The impact of paintings and murals extend beyond their ability to change the physics of the space. They also help in expending it emotionally. Choosing paintings and murals as a wall decor helps to add color, style and interest in the room. Placing the right painting or mural in a room may have a greater impact than you can imagine in adding a feeling of relaxation and serenity.

Bare walls are simply crying for attention. Empty walls are a great place to add beauty to any room and make it feel like home. Murals that glow are magnificent. Colorful paintings help in adding light and emotion to a room. Bright colors attract focus while warm tones help in providing a sense of spaciousness. I try to use both when I create a painting or a mural not giving more attention to either.

When you need to decorate a large wall, a series of smaller painting place horizontally can down-size the wall into more visually acceptable dimensions. When decorating a small wall, using a panoramic mural painting will help “stretch” the wall.

Living rooms are the most occupied places in our homes. This is the place we spend time reading, watching TV, entertaining guests, relaxing and enjoy our spare time. When decorating your home it is the place that needs the most attention in adding your own impression and style. When it comes to wall decoration, a painting is usually hung over the sofa as it is an important focal point of the room. Whether you should hang a single painting, diptych, triptych, mural r other multi -panel painting, depends on the space you have available and on the balance you need to give the entire room. It is common sense that large rooms demand large or multi-panel paintings, while small rooms need small or single panel paintings. Murals sizes can go anywhere.

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