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Here's 17 Ways to Get Siding Leads and Grow Your Siding Business

Updated: 01/09/2018

1. Make customer satisfaction your #1 priority

Happy customers can be an incredibly asset to your business. If you do right by them, they will do right by you. It's easy to generate new leads when all of your satisfied clients refer you to their friends.

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2. Print new business cards

This might seem old-school, but it's still important. Make sure to keep a stack with you at all times. You may even want to have separate cards for your residential and commercial clients.

3. Buy siding appointments

With an appointment setting service, you're not just buying a siding lead. They actually schedule estimates on your behalf. All you have to do is show up at the scheduled time and place. Your job is to win them over and make the sale.

5. Set up a great website

Every siding company needs a website. No excuses! There are many affordable (even free!) options available. A modern, professional website can help you stand out from your local competitors.

6. Use PPC to drive traffic to your website

Setting up a pay-per-click campaign is a good way to get additional eyes on your website overnight. Keywords like "siding installation contractors" and "local vinyl siding companies" convert well for many contractors. Make sure to include a lead capture form on all of your landing pages.

7. Optimize your website for search engines

If your website ranks highly in Google and Bing, more local consumers will find your business online. With a great web presence, you can turn these website visitors into your newest customers.

8. Track your leads

It's important to know which marketing channels are providing the best ROI. Don't waste your marketing and advertising budget on things that don't work. Ask every prospect how they learned about your exterior siding business and keep track of the information.

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9. Sign up with a siding lead generation service

Pay-per-call and pay-per-lead are great options for siding contractors. You only pay for leads that match your company's needs. If you only install vinyl siding, you won't have to waste money on metal or wood siding leads. If you only need leads for repair jobs, you can pass on the installation leads.

10. Use a direct mail service to send postcards

Sending out a postcard advertisement can help you find new local prospects. Be strategic about your list. If you typically serve a higher-end clientele, think about targeting neighborhoods with more expensive homes.

11. Claim your free local listings

Every siding contractor should claim their free listings in local online directories and review websites. Google, Yelp, Angie's List are a few of the major ones. Make sure your profile contains the most accurate, up-to-date information about your siding installation or repair business. If they allow you to upload pictures, you should do that too!

12. Rent a billboard

Billboard advertising can be a good option for some larger siding companies. It really helps if the billboard is alongside a high-traffic road or near a busy intersection.

13. Encourage satisfied clients to write a review

Online reviews are incredibly valuable. Make it easy for your satisfied customers to find your review profiles and leave some positive feedback.

14. Keep in touch with past clients

Don't let people forget about you! You need to maintain meaningful relationships with all of your customers. Obviously, you want them to call if they need new siding. You also want them to keep referring you to their friends and neighbors.

15. Post job site pictures on social media

People want to see what the finished product will look like! Before and after pictures are a great way to show prospective customers that you're capable of doing great work.

16. Put your company name on your truck

This can be done temporarily with magnets and stickers. If you're looking for something a little more permanent, a full vinyl wrap really makes a statement.

17. Offer additional products & services

Many siding contractors don't just install and repair siding. They may also hang gutters, install roofing, mount solar panels, or replace windows.

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