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How to Bid Parking Lot Sweeping

Updated: 07/26/2018

Putting together a quote or bid for a parking lot sweeping job can sometimes be challenging. It requires you to carefully navigate between setting realistic expectations for potential customers and setting your prices high enough to earn a profit. There are many factors to consider when pricing a parking lot sweeping job, so ProMatcher put this list together to help make winning the job a little easier.

Four Key Takeaways

1. Visiting the job site is the best way to estimate how long the sweep will take. Physically going out to the site gives you a feel for how big the lot is, how many potential obstacles there are, and the quality of the blacktop or concrete surface. These are things you just cannot evaluate over the phone.

2. When you prepare your quote, explain the scope of the work based on your site visit. It’s important to get everything in writing in case any disagreements arise in the future.

3. Be mindful of your fixed overhead costs. These costs include things like insurance, equipment maintenance, and rent (if you have an office).

4. Clearly define your payment terms when you submit a quote. It should specifically address when payments are due and whether a down payment or advance payment is required.

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Important Items to Consider When Estimating a Parking Lot Sweeping Job:

1. Project size and scope. How big is the parking lot? Does it have a lot of curbs and other obstacles? Will it require any backpack blowing?

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2. Parking lot type. Does the parking lot belong to a fast food restaurant? Is it an apartment complex? Is it a library? Is it an office? Some types of facilities tend to produce more trash than others.

3. Your travel time. How far are you willing to travel to get to the job site? If the job is outside your normal service area, you may want to apply a surcharge.

4. Fuel costs. How long will the lot take to sweep? Will you need backpack blowers? This equipment typically runs on fuel, so the longer the lot takes, the more fuel you will burn.

5. Site conditions. Is the parking lot surface smooth or full of cracks and pot-holes? Is the lot level?

6. Crew size required for the job. Is the lot small enough that it can be swept by one person or will it require a team?

7. Fenced areas. Is there a fence on the premises? Are you responsible for cleaning out debris that the fence collects?

8. Frequency of sweeping. How often will the lot need to be swept? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Read more about parking lot cleaning pricing in this short article.

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Bonus Tips:

If you still are not feeling completely confident with putting together bids, you should consider buying a bid proposal template. The template provides a great starting place and can be customized to fit your specific needs.

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