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Home Staging Logo Design Ideas

Updated: 07/13/2018

5 Reasons You May Need a New Logo for Your Home Staging Business

How do you know if it's time for a new logo? Do any of these reasons apply to your home staging business?

1. You just launched a new home staging business. A logo is essential to establishing your company’s brand.

2. If you already own a home staging business but do not yet have a logo. Seriously, what are you waiting for?

3. Your business recently changed its name. Maybe your partner left or you found a name you felt better represents your company identity.

4. Your logo is outdated. This is a very common reason for updating a company logo, especially if you work in the design field.

5. You have some extra cash and you want to give your home staging business a fresh update.

Whatever the reason, ProMatcher is here to help! We specialize in assisting home stagers like you market your business to clients. We also know some of the best logo design companies around and would love to introduce you.

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Home Staging Logo Design

Before you reach out to a designer, consider what you want your new logo to convey about your home staging business. If you specialize in staging high-end homes, for instance, you may want a logo that looks elegant and timeless.

You will also need to give the designer some basic information to work off of. For example, do you have a color palette in mind? You will want to make sure your logo colors don’t contrast too sharply with your existing promotional materials or website design.

Once you have thought about the color scheme, you should decide if you want to include only text with the name of your home staging business or also some sort of imagery. Common home staging logos include monograms or graphics of furniture or houses.

How to Design a Home Staging Logo

1. Hire a graphic designer. Working one-on-one with a local company is a great option for home stagers. Take a look at ProMatcher’s Graphic Design Pricing Guide for a better idea of how much it might cost to have your logo designed professionally.

2. Find your inner design diva and DIY. Home staging requires a keen eye for detail and great design instincts so you may be uniquely suited to create your own logo. You will need some basic graphic design skills and access to a good computer. Designing your logo yourself can certainly save you big bucks, but you should be absolutely certain that it looks professional. Have some home staging colleagues or close friends review your logo before making any final decisions.

3. Host a logo design competition. Check to see if there are any art schools in your area that may have students interested in getting some design experience for their resumes. Another option is to host the competition online and have entrants digitally submit their design ideas. When the contest ends, you can pick your favorite logo and pay the winning designer.

4. Use an online logo making service. If you want an appealing logo but don’t have the budget to work one-on-one with a designer, using an online logo making service is a great idea. You don’t even need to be a computer expert! Most of these services provide design templates that can be customized for your home staging business in just a few minutes with your preferred colors and fonts. Logojoy is one company that helps small business owners design professional logos at affordable prices.

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