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How to Price Gutter Cleaning Jobs

Updated: 08/21/2018

Cleaning out rain gutters can be a dirty job, but pricing gutter cleaning jobs doesn’t have to be! To get started, consider the factors that can affect the cost of gutter cleaning. Our list is a great place to begin if you want to put together better bids and win more jobs.

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We asked the gutter cleaning contractors in our network how they usually charge for gutter cleaning services. There was actually some debate. Some said they base their quote on the amount of time they believe it will take them to clean the gutters. Other contractors said they base their quote on the total length of gutters and downspouts (usually measured in linear feet) that need to be cleaned.

Other Items to Consider When Pricing a Gutter Cleaning Job

1) Travel time to job site

How much time are you willing to spend driving out to a job site? Most gutter cleaners operate in a set service area. If you travel outside that territory, you should consider charging an additional fee.

2) Number of stories

How many stories is the home? If the structure is more than one story, the gutters will be harder to access and may even require a special ladder.

3) Size of the home

What is the square footage of the home? How many feet of gutters will you be cleaning? Will you be cleaning gutters on the second or third story of the home?

4) Time elapsed since last cleaning

When was the last time the gutters were cleaned? How full of debris are they? Are any of the downspouts clogged?

5) Site conditions

Are the gutters located close to low-hanging trees? Is the ground below level? Are the gutters damaged?

6) Frequency of cleaning

Is this just a one-time gutter cleaning job or will you be scheduling regular maintenance visits? You may consider offering a discount on the first service if the customer is willing to sign a service agreement or seasonal maintenance contract.

7) Gutter screens

Does the home have gutter screens or guards? Removing screens or guards before cleaning may increase the time needed to complete the job.

8) Warranty

Many gutter cleaners choose to offer warranties on their work. If you offer a money-back guarantee, did you include that potential future cost in your bid?

9) Your labor

This is the biggest factor in the equation. What is the cost of living like in your area? How much do you need to charge to make a reasonable profit on the job?

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Forget about dusting off your old calculator and instead consider using a bid proposal template or upgrading to gutter contracting estimation software. Both options will save you time and produce more consistent gutter cleaning price quotes.

Finally, take a look at ProMatcher’s Gutter Cost Report. Enter your zip code to see the average cost for gutter services by other providers in your area.

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