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Financial Planning Leads: Free Client Leads for Financial Planners


Free Financial Planning Leads

As a financial planner, your practice is all about making smart monetary decisions. At ProMatcher, we give away financial planning leads for free. Getting access to these no-cost leads is as simple as creating a free ProMatcher profile. What could be smarter than that?

Unlike other lead companies that only offer free leads on a trial basis, ProMatcher’s leads are always free. We strive to generate as many leads as possible for financial advisors in our network and we never charge for them. Sign up for ProMatcher today to learn how you can gain access to these free leads.

Financial Planning Business Leads

ProMatcher helps financial planners get more work. Individuals use our website to request a wide range of financial services that you might just provide.

Some popular financial planning job leads:

1. Financial planning

2. Retirement planning

3. Financial advising

4. Portfolio and asset management

5. Investment advising

6. Life insurance advising

7. Education planning

8. Risk management advising

9. 401(k) planning

10. Wealth management

11. Tax planning

Create your free ProMatcher account and we might be able to help you get leads for services like these.

Financial Planning Lead Generation Companies

You probably advise your clients that having a diverse investment portfolio is important. You should think about your company’s marketing strategy the same way. Client referrals and free leads from ProMatcher should almost certainly be part of your overall marketing approach. However, if you are looking to grow firm, purchasing financial planning leads can be one of the most effective tools at your disposal.

Financial planning lead generation companies specialize in searching for local clients who are interested in services like planning for retirement and saving for their children’s college education. Once they identify potential clients in your service area, lead companies will send you the person’s contact information. After that, it’s up to you to reach out to the lead and set up an appointment to meet.

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How Much Do Financial Planning Leads Cost?

Most lead generation companies operate using a pay-per-lead-model, where you pay a set amount for each lead you receive. However, that set price is determined by several factors, including where your business is located, the type of advisory services that the person needs, and the estimated size of the client’s portfolio. The lead price for a kindergarten teacher, for example, will likely be significantly lower than that of a Fortune 500 CEO.

Read more about financial planning lead prices here.

Shared Financial Planning Leads

The number of times a lead is sold also affects the price of a lead. Exclusive leads are sold to only one financial advisor, which means less competition. However, non-shared leads are significantly more expensive than their shared counterparts. While they may require a little more effort to close, one major advantage of shared leads is that you can usually afford to buy more of them.

Best Way to Get Financial Planning Leads

Every financial planning firm is different so there is no one “best” way to get new leads. One thing you can always bank on, however, is that professionalism and excellent service go a long way towards building a loyal client base. You play a crucial role in your clients’ lives by helping them manage their financial well-being and plan for their futures, so it’s important that clients feel they can trust you. Once you gain their trust, referrals will begin to roll in.

Buying financial planning leads can help bolster that client base until your firm becomes more established. ProMatcher has partnered with several popular financial planning lead companies to help you do just that. These lead companies offer pay-per-lead, pay-per-call, and pay-per-appointment services. You can learn more about each lead generation option by signing up for ProMatcher today.

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