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How to Bid Excavation Jobs


In the rough and tumble world of excavation, sometimes finding new customers can be challenging. If you want to grow your business, you need to excel at locating and bidding on job opportunities.

To get started, check out ProMatcher’s helpful guide below full of tips for putting together winning excavation job bids.

1. Scope out the competition

It is a good idea to do some research into how much your competitors are charging for their excavation services. Start by checking their websites and if their prices are not readily available, give them a quick call. You do not want to price yourself out of competition but should not feel like you have to lower your prices to win jobs. See how much other excavation contractors usually charge in ProMatcher's Excavation Cost Report.

2. Work with a template

Working with a template can make putting together excavation bids significantly easier. Templates can be useful for any contractor but can be particularly helpful for those new to the excavation field. Just check out the various options available online and purchase your favorite.

Another strategy is using excavation bidding software. The software prompts you to fill in information specific to each job. Then, using predetermined formulas, it automatically calculates the estimate for you.

3. Make your quote comprehensive

Any quote you provide to a potential customer needs to be comprehensive. It should be very detailed and include exactly what services are covered so the customer clearly understands what they are paying for. Is any payment required upfront? Does your work include a warranty? Your final estimate should always be written down. Giving bids verbally leaves too much to chance.

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4. Be sure you cover your overhead

Don’t forget about overhead costs when you are putting together job estimates. These might include fees for bookkeeping services, office rent and utilities, equipment maintenance, and employee salaries.

5. Conduct in-person site visits

Job site walk throughs are incredibly important for any excavation job bid. The best way to accurately evaluate a job site is to see it in person. Remember that you are trying to sell your services to a customer, so be sure to dress the part. Make a great first impression by being prompt and professional.

6. Consider all the factors

A lot more goes into an excavation job than just time and materials. Your quote should reflect the factors that can affect the difficulty of the job. Some of the factors you should consider are: - Volume of dirt to be excavated

- Lot size

- Potential site hazards

- Necessary machinery and equipment

- Permitting fees

- Crew size and local labor rates

- Site condition and terrain

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7. Use time to your advantage

The quicker you can get the estimate back to the customer, the better. If possible, try to personalize the experience by dropping your quote off in person. Include your contact information via a business card or brochure.

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