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11 Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Drywall Business


Looking to grow your drywall business? Need more good leads? Even if you are working with a limited marketing budget, ProMatcher can help you out.

Here's a list of 11 marketing tips to get you started:

1. Be professional

One of the most challenging aspects of running a successful drywall business is standing out from the competition. How are you going to set yourself apart from the crowd? It's the little things that mean the most. Show up on time, respond to emails in a timely fashion, and provide great customer service. People will greatly appreciate your professionalism.

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2. Upgrade your business' web presence

If you don’t have a website already, it's time to build one! If your website is slightly outdated, it might be time for an update! Your website is your drywall business' digital storefront. This is where customers can come 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to learn about your business. It should be simple and neat. Don't add too many pictures or videos.

Your job is to make it super easy for potential customers to contact you for a quote! If it's easiest to reach you by phone, make sure your phone number is an obvious place on the every page of your website.

3. Run a pay-per-click advertising campaign

Pay-per-click can be a very efficient way to reach a highly-targeted audience. You get to choose the keyword searches that you feel are most relevant to your business. For some, that might be "drywall installers Atlanta". For others, it might be "drywall contractors in 90210". Check on your campaigns regularly to ensure that your spending does not get out of control.

4. Try using a lead generation service

Need to generate new business quickly? Drywall contractors do have the option to buy job leads. Drywall leads usually cost between $10 and $60 per lead. Lead prices will vary depending on the nature of the job and the reputation of the lead provider.

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5. Attend a local networking event

Attending a local Chamber of Commerce meeting or networking event can be a great way to make new contacts and get your name out there. Networking is not just about passing out business cards. It's about building relationships. Follow up with the interesting people you meet. You can invite them to one of your job sites or even take them out to lunch.

6. Use email to stay in touch with past customers

It’s very important to keep in touch with your past customers. Your most highly engaged customers are likely your most reliable source of new business. Email is one cost-effective way to maintain these valuable relationships. Sending out an email newsletter every other month is an easy way to get started with email marketing. The newsletter should be educational or entertaining - rather than overly self-promotional. It's doesn't all have to be about drywall either. Have fun with it!

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7. Advertise on all company vehicles

Vehicle wrap advertising is a great way to grab the attention of local consumers. Every day that your truck is one the road, hundreds and hundreds of people, will have contact with your drywall company's brand. While the upfront investment may seem steep to some, it is almost always worth the cost in the long run.

8. Get listed in free online directories

Joining online directories is a good way to get more visibility for your drywall company. It can also help drive more traffic to your website from potential customers. There are many free directories and review websites out there.

9. Track every lead

Ask people how they found your business - whether you win the job or not. Were you recommended by a friend? Did they find you online? Did they see your ad in the Yellow Pages? Did they find you a review website? It’s important to keep track of this information. You want to know exactly what marketing strategies are working (and which ones might not be working). You can then invest more time and energy into the channels that provide the best returns. Sign up today and find the right marketing strategy for your drywall business.

10. Get a vanity phone number

Make it easy for people to call you by purchasing a vanity phone number. First, you will have to see what numbers are available in your local area. You might be able to get something like 876-DRY-WALL or 800-212-WALL.

11. Expand your service area

In some cases, you might find the local market is oversaturated. This can make it super difficult to find new customers and turn a profit. By increasing the size your service area and traveling a little bit further out, you may have an easier time winning new jobs. Don't be afraid to tack on a "fuel surcharge" to account for the extra gas.

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Updated: October 30, 2018

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