Landscape Benefits: Aesthetics, Function, and Low Maintenance

Considering large landscape projects require some thought... think about cost versus benefits. Think about the overlap of each element as far as Aesthetics, Function, and Low Maintenance.
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Updated on November 09, 2016
By , Rising Sun Landscaping & Maintenance

Landscape Benefits: Aesthetics, Function, and Low Maintenance

If you’re considering a landscaping project, then you’re bound to have many questions including exactly what the best options are and how much things will cost. My current and new customers often ask me questions around these topics. Over time, I developed one approach that may help organize your thoughts and approach to deciding what landscaping makes sense for you.This approach assumes you’re going to hire a landscape contractor to handle installation of landscaping. If you’re considering do-it-yourself, then you’ll also have to consider all the issues of hidden costs for permits, storage, delivery, equipment, trash removal, etc.

A first approach is to consider cost-benefit, but I always suggest that you avoid focusing first on cost. Why? Because cost can be confusing before you know what you really want out of your landscaping project. If you’re unsure about the benefits you want from your landscaping, then the concept of cost will be unsure and confusing. Start with benefits!

Beneficial Objectives:
  1. Pleasure

    • Relaxing

    • Solitude

    • Socializing with family and friends

    • Enjoying the outdoors conveniently

  2. Convenience

    • Easy movement and function within your yard

    • Keeping your house clean

    • Storage

    • Low-maintenance

  3. Health

    • Relaxing

    • Exercise

    • Fresh air

  4. Financial

    • Increased property value

    • More customers arriving and returning to your business

    • Perceived value influencing a customer to purchase the property

    • Required by covenants o Reducing landscaping maintenance

These benefits continue year-after-year, so consider that costs are really spread over time. With your objectives made clear, it’s time to add some detail about the actual landscaping benefits you want to consider. I group them into three categories to simplify the approach.
  • Aesthetics

  • Function

  • Low-maintenance
These are the real benefits that are added to your yard. When you consider a particular element, consider how it contributes or detracts from these three categories. Here is a list of Landscaping Benefits in three categories. You will want to consider others that do not appear in these lists. For a more detailed list and breakdown of each of these three areas, see my website blog.

As you review the items above. Consider making lists that will help you plan and communicate with your landscape contractor. Your contractor may have other ideas that can contribute to your planning, including cost of installing and maintaining.

When you obtain quotes for various elements of your yard, you’ll start to obtain installation and maintenance costs that you can weigh with the benefits you’ve listed. You can then start ordering these with the best cost-benefit at the top. If you have a limited budget, draw a line where you want to stop for this project and save to start on the next!

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