Interior Decorating: Space Planning

Learn more about space planning and room layout.
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Updated on October 31, 2014
By , Abella Home Staging and Redesign

Interior Decorating: Space Planning

Planning your Space

Space planning for many, seems complicated and overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Careful planning can help you avoid many pitfalls some of my clients fall into. Here are some things that you need to consider when planning your space.


What are your storage needs? Cabinets for videos? An area for children's toys? A place to file your mail? Whatever yours needs may be, make sure you plan a storage area to accommodate it.


Make sure the furniture you choose is appropriate for your space. Too many times I have walked into my clients home, only to see pieces of furniture overpowering the room. My advice? Measure the room BEFORE you go out shopping. Many furniture retailers now have some sort of space planner to help you visualize the space before you purchase the piece. This will also help you realize how many pieces can actually fit into a room!!

Draw it out

I like to draw my space out on graph paper and include all the pieces I want in the space. This gives me a good idea where everything should go and what size I need. More importantly, what I don't want!!

Create space

You want to create an illusion of more space. Full length curtains can add height to your room, because it draws the eyes upwards!!

Furniture raised off the floor (that have no skirt) is better than furniture that sits on the floor, for small spaces!

An accent wall will stretch and deepen the space.

Area rugs can be used to indicate a seating area. Make sure you get the right size!!

Use ottomans that have dual purposes and can be move out of the way when needed.

Traffic Flow

When planning your space, think about traffic flow. Make sure your room is "balanced". I like to use the phrase "rocking the boat." Does all your furniture sit on one side of the room? These simple suggestions will help you plan your next space. And if you need help, consider hiring an expert. Even a basic room layout can help you avoid costly mistakes!

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