Bathroom Fan Replacement Cost

Find out how much it costs to replace a bathroom exhaust fan. Get some tips about finding the right installer and learn what to look for when choosing a fan.
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Updated on November 12, 2015
By ProMatcher Staff, ProMatcher

Bathroom Fan Replacement Cost

Looking for a new bath exhaust fan?

Unfortunately, bathroom fans wear out over time.

Luck for you, replacing the fan doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

So, how much does it cost?

The average cost of replacing a bathroom exhaust fan is about $175. This includes a basic fan, all of the necessary hardware, and professional installation. However, depending on your geographic location, this cost may be as high as $227 or as low as $123.

How can I save money?

Option 1: You can replace the fan yourself. Your local home improvement store should have a good selection of bathroom fans available. If you’re somewhat handy (or you have a friend who is), replacing the fan should only take a few hours.

Option 2: You can purchase the fan yourself and have it installed by a professional. This may help decrease the overall cost of your project.

Where can I find an installer?

We’re here to help! Use our free matching service to get matched to local contractors. Click the button below to get matched with up to 5 installers in your area.

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What about noise?

Bathroom fans have a reputation for being noisy. If you don’t want the bathroom fan keeping you up at night, ask your contractor about ultra-quiet options. Fan noise is measured by sones. The higher the sone rating, the more noise the fan makes. If you’re looking for quiet operation, choose a fan with a sone rating of less than 1.

What size fan do I need?

The square footage of your bathroom helps to determine the size (or capacity) of the fan. A larger bathroom will require a higher capacity fan. If your master bathroom is 100 square feet, a 70 CFM fan is not going to do the trick. Look for a 110 CFM fan instead.

Check out Sizing Your Bathroom Fan to learn more.

Any other options to consider?

The size and noise level of the fan are two of the most important items to consider. However, these are not the only things you should think about.

1) If you currently have a ceiling-mounted fan, it’s easier to replace it with another ceiling mounted fan. Re-locating the fan may significantly increase the cost of installation. The contractor will have to cut a new hole and patch the old opening.

2) Think about choosing a fan with a humidity sensor. The fan will automatically turn on and off as needed and you will never have to think about.

3) Many bathroom exhaust fans have a built-in light fixture. You don’t have settle for a basic plastic fixture. Think about installing a decorative fan with frosted glass cover and brushed nickel finishes.

4) If your fan is currently vented to the attic, ask your contractor about venting the new one through the roof. It's better for the moist air to vent to to the exterior. If too much moisture accumulates in your attic, it may do some serious structural damage.

Any last advice?

We always recommend getting multiple estimates before hiring any contractor. Ask friends for referrals or browse online reviews. It’s also important to verify the contractor is properly licensed and insured.

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