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What Would You Do If The Unexpected Happens?

What would you do if you feel like giving up?

Let me tell you a story about a family that live in the southeastern part of the country. John was a self employed contractor with a wife and two kids, he did residential renovations for the people in his town and surrounding area making a decent income paying the household bills.

One day on the way home John had a bad accident which put him in the hospital for a while, he hurt his back and had a broken leg and will be out of work for a long period of time, his wife worked, but she had to take some time off to tend to John and the kids. He had a good major medical (health) insurance plans through his wife's job that would pay the doctor and hospital bill.

After three weeks John was well enough to leave the hospital, but wasn't well enough to go back to work, most contracting jobs if you are out of work you don't get paid, he wasn't able get workman s compensation because his accident occurred away from the job. John didn't have any kind of benefit plan that would pay him if he got hurt or sick away from the job.

It was about a month and a half after the accident before he could get out of bed still recovering from the back injury and a broken leg, its was going to take a while before he can go back to work, bills started coming in and with only one income his from wife's job it was very difficult to pay all the bills on time, they had to use up all of their savings and any spare money that they had to help with the household bills.

After a while they receive the bills from the doctor and the hospital, their major medical insurance company threaten not to pay until they paid their deductibles and co-payments which was well over a thousand dollars, John still had to have doctor visits and prescriptions filled until he got well enough to go back to work.

John had to borrow money from anywhere he could to make ends meet, couldn't pay his lenders from his contracting business, he didn't know when and if he could go back to work doing renovations, after a couple of months of rehab from his injuries John didn't know which way to turn, months pass and John couldn't go back to work, he had to file for bankruptcy, he and his family loss everything they had all because of not being completely covered with a good insurance plan.

What if you had a career threatening injury right now?

So are you ready to think about the the future? Take a look at your insurance benefit plan and see if its everything you need to protect you and your family from potential unexpected situation that may occur in the future. Insurance is one thing you can't get when you need it, so its best to have it and not need it then to need it and not have.

If this was you what would you do, send me some comments.

Please pass this article on to your friends, neighbors, or your loved ones that you care so much about.

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