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Website Brand Building Guide

Primarily a brand is a symbol, a representation. Symbols are styles which signify something, and a brand characterizes all the features of the thing its represents.

Brand building on the other hand can be materialized by using logos and slogans with which people can associate it with you or your organization. This will help you win and keep clients.

Logo design and branding all together is a complex process that is conducted across all types of media, from product packaging, TV commercials, magazine ads up to interior store decoration. Of course branding also applies to web design.

Whether you’re creating a website for a multi-million company or for blogging, branding still matters for the reasons defined above. In the case of personal blog, branding will help set you apart and make your site unforgettable.

Here are a few guidelines to help you build a brand and ultimately develop a quality web design.


The option of an excellent shade scheme is very important in branding. Color is not just appearance, it promotes various feelings and provides with it unconscious interactions to various elements and features.

For example, large red may actually increase hypertension, beat and breathing. It’s a shade that symbolizes interest, energy, power and pleasure. Because of this, it’s usually an excellent shade option in the design industry.

When selecting a shade for company logos, see to it that it is an appropriate fit for the type of elements your company symbolizes. Also note that different societies may affiliate the same colors with different elements, so it’s an excellent option to check that your colors mean what you think they do in the markets you work in.


Does your company have character? Infusing your company with a little individuality can help you determine what it appears for.

Is the company all about balance and safety so that your clients can be sure to depend on you? Is the company fun and down to earth?

Many people in commercialized organizations use products and manufacturers to determine themselves, so shape your brand’s individuality towards something which your viewers will like to affiliate themselves with.


Emotion is another aspect to consider when preparing your brand for a quality web design. What thoughts do you want individuals to encounter when they check out your site? What kind of elements do you want them to affiliate with your brand?

Crafting the appearance of your website must not be about following the newest styles, it should be about determining on the thoughts that you want your company to venture, and then operating on a style that will do just that.


When creating a brand establishing a brand. It has to be memorable. What do you do to get people remember things?

Consistency of your logo design and branding with your web design will develop on the choices you’ve made previously regarding choosing the right individuality for the company and evoking the appropriate feelings. Keep colors, graphics and typography constant throughout to ensure uniformity.

Recycling value and visuals

Constant graphics and structure allows you to use more of your articles, be it style sheets or pictures. This implies that your site will fill quicker as the customer’s technique does not need to obtain as many things — old pictures and CSS are already saved in its storage cache.

Dimension and Place of the logo

The recognized standards when ranking website logos is to put it in the higher left place of the website.

That’s the place where most individuals will look at to see what website they are on. Additionally, its best practice to link the logo picture to the website webpage. But position is only one factor — size is also important. Ensure your logo is big enough to be the second or third thing that individuals will notice when they appear on your website.

Value Proposition

When a guest comes on your website for once they take the first few moments to navigate themselves. Is this the right site? Does this look interesting? What is this all about? To respond to these concerns, you should offer a small and obvious value undertaking to your guest.

This value undertaking should be a brief declaration in a popular place on your web page. It should usually be situated next to the website logo so that when a new guest follows the name of the website or company they are going to adhere to on to the value undertaking.

In a few terms describe exactly what advantage your website provides to the guest, so that they not only appreciate your logo design and branding but your entire website and why they should keep visiting it.

Tone of voice

The terminology you use on your web page needs to strengthen your brand’s personality and individuality. If your company is a helpful and down to earth, and your viewers are youthful, technical smart individuals, then casual and fun style may perform well for you.

On the other side, if you are creating a web page for a financial institution, the style should indicate that by being much more official/professional.

It’s not just about what you say — it’s about how you say it. You can say the same factor in different comments and get the same significance across, but the individuality that this speech emanates will be different; so pick a style that meets your brand’s personality and viewers.


Getting all of the above components will only get you so far though, because there is another very crucial factor to consider when developing your brand: uniqueness.

If your web page looks just like the competitors, then is it really memorable? Do you feel you’ve made a unique and quality web design? How would clients identify between the two? By placing in that additional attempt to make an exclusive picture you are going to not only take a position out from your opponents, you are going to be more unforgettable, and that indicates a better opportunity that your guests will come returning for more.


Building a powerful brand is essential not only for big organizations, but also for businesses and even personal sites and blogs. Branding helps people identify between competitors and quickly assess quality.

Your web design with the appropriate branding is an excellent foundation to develop your company, so it’s essential not to neglect branding when working on your website. Make sure to implement all the various techniques for making it effective.

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