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Private Fiber Networks (PFN’s) have become the most cost effective and versatile way to transport all types of data. The widely accepted use of IP (Internet Protocol), transporting millions, even billions of bytes of data per second across your own fiber network, opens the doors for many applications and closes the door to inherent security risks associated with public networks. Data, Voice, Video Surveillance and Video Conferencing can be implemented over these networks quickly and easily. Since it is your own network, you do not incur the extremely high costs involved with traditional carriers. IP allows you to transmit many different forms of data packets over the same PFN and administer the network from a single point.

For example, Millennium Communications Group recently connected 31 locations together over a PFN with bandwidth of 10Gbs per location, that’s 10 billion bytes of data per second. Each of the 31 locations were connected back to one central administration building that served as the primary data center which hosted all application servers and internet services. Information Technology support personnel are located at this site and are able to service all of the remote locations through management software delivered over the network. This consolidation of services allowed for a considerable reduction in the administrative costs of the network. The cost of the bandwidth required to implement this system with a local carrier would have been astronomical, if it was even available at all. For example, the approximate monthly cost of a point to point OC3 or 150Mbs connection from a local carrier for the network mentioned above would be $8400 x 31 locations or $260,400 per month! The private fiber network is delivering speeds in excess of 66 times that at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, the local carrier connection only supplies bandwidth, and charges by the amount of bandwidth

With your own private fiber network bandwidth is determined by the
equipment you purchase and install at the ends of your fiber. So increasing speeds only limited by the amount of time it takes to install new equipment. Any
expansion by a for profit carrier would incur increased costs and be subject to large turn up timeframes.

With ownership of your own private fiber network the possibilities are limitless and it’s all available for you now, the chose is yours and Millennium Communications can make it happen.

Single point of administration
Future Proof
Virtually Unlimited
Homeland Security
What’s The Benefit?
Where You Can Use It: What You’ll Get:
In The Classroom
To The Home Fire, Police, Emergency Services
Safety & Security
Centralized Servers
Transport of Voice, Data, & Video

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