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The New Wave of Budgeting

Do you feel like your money is controlling you instead of you controlling your money? Do you try to budget only to find it is too much work and leaves you feeling guilty when you realize how much money you’ve spent? If you are like most Americans you live pay check to paycheck and wonder at the end of the month where all the money went.

Luckily there is at least one alternative way to budget. There is a budgeting system that does not take as much time to manage and allows you to make budgeting decisions in real-time and helps you reallocate more money to the things that are the most important to you. There is minimal tracking so it is great for the busy mom who doesn’t have time to add up receipts and go through checkbook entries. In addition to helping you reallocate the money that you do have for things like repairs, gifting, and retirement, it still allows you to spend money on the “fun” items too, like going to the spa, shopping, and buying your fancy coffee without having to feel guilty.
It seems most households’ checking accounts are chaotic - money goes in and comes out without any organization. This system separates your expenses into “buckets” that consist of fixed, control, and dynamic buckets. Your accounts are much more organized, which will allow you to really understand where your money is going.
Now what is this magical system you ask? The system is called First Step Cash Management and it is truly unique. It can be applied by families making $20,000 a year, or by families that make millions.

Whether you end up using this system or not, the important thing is to find a budgeting system that truly works for you. Cash flow is where your finances and your life meet, so if you do not have a good handle on it, it is hard to accomplish the things you want to and need to accomplish.

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