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Ten Questions You Should Ask When Approached by an SEO Company.

SEO has become big business. This has led to the proliferation of SEO companies that make promises they cannot deliver on or that are outright scams. Here are ten questions you should ask when approached by an SEO company. The answers to these questions will help you avoid wasting money.

1.What is your web address?

If they don't have one BEWARE. Legitimate SEO companies have a website. It's best not to use an SEO company or individual that doesn't have a web presence.

2.What percentage of your current customers are on the first page of Google?

If they can't answer this BEWARE. You don't want someone doing SEO for you of they don't know whether their current clients are on the first page of Google.

If they answer 100% BEWARE. Nobody is perfect when it comes to SEO unless they use techniques that could get your website blacklisted by search engines. If they aren't using black hat SEO, then they are most likely exaggerating.

3.Will you clone my website?

If the answer is yes BEWARE. Your website will get no SEO boost. Even worse – prospective clients will not be bookmarking your website.

4.How many customers have you done this for?

If they can't or won't tell you BEWARE. Companies with lots of experience know it and are proud of it.

5.How many customers are you doing this for currently?

If they can't or won't tell you BEWARE. Companies with lots of customers know it and are proud of it.

6.Who are some of your current customers?

If they can't or won't tell you BEWARE. Companies with satisfied customers are happy to tell prospective customers who they are.

7.How long will it take to get to the first page?

If they indicate it will take longer than 3 months BEWARE. Three months should be sufficient time.

8.What do I get for my monthly fee?

Don't expect them to reveal secrets, but if they can't give you a general idea BEWARE. If you don't have a general idea of what they are doing how can you know whether they are doing it?

9.How many customers dropped your service in the last 30 days?

If they can't or won't tell you BEWARE. Either they are not keeping good records or they think it will reflect poorly on them. Neither is a good sign.

If this number is more than 1/10 of the number for question 6 BEWARE. High client turnover is not a good sign.

10.Will the work be done in the US or overseas?

If they can't or won't tell you BEWARE. You have a right to know this. I recommend using Americans, but what you do is your business.

If it's being done overseas, you really shouldn't be paying more than $50 a month. The standard wage in 3rd world countries is less than $1 per hour.

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