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Start to Finish Golf Philosophy

Simplify the golf game with clear and concise teaching techniques. Focus on setting your self up for success with proper preparation for each and every shot. You have total control over how you START or setup for each shot. Ever player has a swing that is best for their body type.

Understand the proper fundamentals of the grip and its relationship to the club shaft, head and face. Pay close attention to your alignment and ball position. Know why it is so important to establish athletic posture and maintain this spine angle throughout the swing. These are the 4 major areas of the setup, if you can master these basics it is amazing how you will come to understand the importance of the START.

To FINISH properly, balance is key to understanding the result of each intended shot. Holding the finish until the ball lands or stops rolling builds upon muscle memory. If you hold the FINISH you can realize what you did wrong… more importantly you can realize what you did right!!! When you do not finish and hold the position you cannot define what happened to repeat or fix the shot the next time you attempt it. Holding the finish when you hit a shot properly store the feeling in your muscle memory banks. When you need to pull that shot out, it is nice to know that you have it stored in that bank.

When you FINISH the swing and hold this strong position, you will be able to feel the impact of the club face and its connection to the ball. Impact is the most important position for every shot. If you START every shot with the proper fundamentals of the setup, you increase your chances of hitting the ball on the sweet-spot. A balanced follow though position means that you are in control at the START, impact and FINISH of the swing.

Come to understand many questions that you may have asked. What causes a slice? Why is my ball flight so low? When should I hit a flop shot? How long should I hit my clubs? How do I gain distance? Do my clubs fit me? How do I spin the ball? When should I lay up? How do I control distance when putting? What is the difference between a pitch and a chip?

All of these questions can be answered with START to FINISH simple golf concepts that are proven to work with thousands of students.

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