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Scopes: Terrain, Eyesight and Aging

This article may not pertain to all of you reading this, however the point in it sure was driven home for me. I have always worn glasses until the great procedure of Lasix surgery to correct your vision. Well, I decide to have this done and they gave me the option of having one eye done for distance and the other for close up work. This sure seemed like a good idea at the time and it would have been if I would have selected the correct eye for each procedure. However being of the old school of hard knocks I chose my right eye for distance and my left for reading; whoa, was that a bad mistake! I am right eye dominate. Now I cannot find the sights on my pistols or my rifles, so I have found a new love of scopes, so I can continue to shooting.

Looking back on it now, I would have had the procedure done in reverse allowing me to at least find the sights on my guns. With my CCW’s I will just add a laser that way both myself and anyone the dot touches will know we are on target. However a laser for me was not going to work for my Airguns. I chose a Mil-Dot scope for a couple of reasons. The number one reason was our location, the mountains of Colorado. Where we live there is nothing on a level surface other than our basement, so I enjoy using the Mil-Dot’s to change my elevation easily when shooting up or down hill. I also have learned to use the dots for windage although I believe that is a guessing game on most days. There have been several articles written on the pro’s and con’s of Mil-Dot scopes, I agree with some and others I think the writers have the advantage of never having drastic elevation changes. Living on the ranch, I do have some advantages, such as prairie dogs running around in our pastures. I enjoy sitting on the deck, relaxing and getting some great shooting. Most of our shoots are down hill, a few are back up the hill, and none are on a horizontal plane. Recently we had some wonderful guests come over to shoot with us; Vern, Doug and Steve, I think the three could attest to the use of Mil-Dot scopes. Naturally, these guys bought their scopes from RL Airgun Supply, stocking over 40 different scopes and now the BKL Mounts, so check us out.
This is just one person’s opinion but I like my opinion and will stick with it until I come up with another. As always, have a great time shooting and always be SAFE!

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