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Raising Funds Goes First...

Common Confusion...but clear it up today!!!

The biggest confusion in the market appears to be from my perspective that of Mis-Communication and the wrongful interchange of use of Terminologies used in Financing; Specifically, understand what goes first, second, until you Projects are Funding by either Conventional Lenders or by Private Funding Sources.

Conventional Lenders by definition are folks that already have the funds in the form of Cash in their accounts and or Open Credit Lines where they can draw down amounts of cash for your requested loan contracts. They Traditionally have to go through a full underwriting process to qualify you again their prime investors. That can take up to 90 days to fund as well as maybe 2 to 4 weeks additionally to complete DD.

Private Funding Sources operate somewhat different. That is, they will harvest or produce cash presenting certain types of assets to Treasury or other Private Banks after qualifying your Projects as doable This can happen rather fast in fact they can start as little as in 10 days do as much as 10% to 25% of the funds required. Usually Private Lenders like to create Trade Environments where they get their profits paid UPFRONT. They might not tell you this but that is how it happens. Why? well since they are being more liberal in the underwriting of your projects and funding schedules they must reduce their risk by creating Trade Mechanism to get some of the Profits upfront. You do not see this most of the times and they likely never would tell you.. It is legal and common sense to do in order to protect themselves against any problems encounter dealing with Funding your Projects. Private Funders will look to do Non-Recourse Structures with JV Shared Title in order to make sure that your performance as a partner is always to par and believe me that would be part of the contract they will present to you. The top advantage is of course only applicable to the Professional Individuals that understand JV relationships and can perform in them: You can do several projects with them once you have established that solid business relationship after the first one.

Relationship to us: We are a Private Funder and we can facilitate large Non-Recourse Loans to Developers under JV relationship for almost any type of Projects Worldwide that make Sense and have at least 25% ROI (equity + cash flow the first year). Since we take risk to set up and reserve the legal equity share of our Sources Bonds there is a DD fee for around $15K to $100K USD for American Citizens and up to $500K USD for Foreigners. All Transactions are Principal Insurance Backed and Cross Collateralize of Principals Bonds for Security of loss. Please do feel free to contact me via email to answer your questions

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Need a commercial loan? Let us match you to a lender in your area.
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