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People Relate to People

Here is something to think about when you next review your marketing campaign, your networking efforts, your branding, your advertising materials and your sales scripts…


Your name is much more important than your company name. Why? Because people do business with people. No one cares about the name of your company until after you’ve given them a reason to care. That bears repeating: …until after you’ve given them a reason to care. Yes, the company name should appear in your marketing materials, but the company names location is never more important than the message you’re trying to get out.

As an example, when a friend of yours has a particular problem, do you refer them a service or product, by saying “call XYZ Company” or, do you say “all Mary at XYZ Company, she’s really great to work with and has gone out of her way to help me many times.”

People do business with people, not companies. If given the choice most people would choose to do business with family or friends first. Why? Because they are looking for confidence and value and only another person can deliver that on a personal level. If you can explain a personal experience with a similar problem, that story provides some confidence. Speaking in corporate or technical terms doesn’t impress anyone (except maybe you) and certainly doesn’t create a personal connection.

People don’t look for good service and good quality; they expect exceptional service and excellent quality, and if they don’t get it, they take it personally and get upset. Saying you deliver something everyone expects isn’t very alluring or motivating.

If you provide exceptional service, by all means say so …just make sure you deliver! If the quality of your product or service is better than your competitors, then you need to be able to describe why it’s better, and how you will guarantee it. Unsubstantiated clichés announcing that you are “the best” at whatever, or have “the best” whatever, are just poor efforts of lazy or inexperienced marketers. People don’t believe it until it has been proven to them, in their “first hand” experience, so it’s your job to convince them to allow you to prove it …so they can experience it.

So, if you’re going to make statements, make statements that are detailed and backed up with truth. Testimonials are a powerful way to convince people to give you a chance to prove your clams, people relate to people. Back up your claims with proof and your selling argument will have substantially more power.

Potential customers are comparing you with your competition all the time. How will you stand out? In the long run, the truth will always win out, so be creative - but not glitzy. Be honest - don’t give them pause to doubt your integrity. They should feel like [at this moment] they are your only customer/client. They need to feel confident that they are making the right choice. They will make that choice based on their feelings about you …not your company, you!

People relate to people. They create bonds and have feelings for other people. That doesn’t happen between people and companies.

…on your side.

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