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Mobile Marketing

Businesses today are taking the plunge into mobile marketing, known as the newest mass media. It’s also the only mass media that can do everything the other six (print, recordings, cinema, radio, television, and internet) can do. This next addition to marketing strategy can help you reach more consumers on a more personal level as they no longer have to remain in one place to find your website or receive informational texts of your product or service, which is why you should seriously consider looking to include mobile media into your marketing strategy.

Mobile marketing is not to be confused as push marketing because you are extending an offer to your clients based on what they WANT to receive or become informed about. Kim Dushinski, a mobile marketing expert, explains it best: “Mobile marketing is businesses COMMUNICATING with customers on their mobile phones with their explicit permission at the right time, at the right place while providing relevant value.” Basically, the only way you can completely ruin a good connection with your customers is if you choose to abuse the mobile access by spamming them with texts of things they don’t care for.

Consider the time we spend with or without our phones. With our phones, we are constantly texting, calling, or surfing and receiving information by the bucket loads as a nation and as part of the world. Without our phones, we are usually making a U-turn right now to go back to get it in our hands as soon as possible. This attachment is very personal as it can very well be our lifeline in times of need. It’s also registered with our identities since a phone number is more easily tracked than any other format. We don’t even share phones with our spouses! It’s so high on the priority list that 70% of the population sleeps with the phone in arms reach (which is why I praise the ‘silent’ function).

Now before you jump ahead, remember that there is a target demographic involved within this strategy. After subtracting the very young and the elderly, you’ve got the main age block of mobile users, meaning that your business may or may not need to expand to mobile marketing at all. This also applies for companies with a small budget for advertising as this might be a bit too much to handle if you aren’t familiar with the technology. However, under the guidance of a mobile marketing expert, you can consider your options and decide how to best launch your new campaign.

Once you decide if going mobile is appropriate for you, you should take into account that a mobile website directory such as Google’s is open for the taking. Because mobile marketing is still relatively new to the US, Google’s mobile index is largely unoccupied. Should you take part in this index ahead of the game you will have the upper hand against your competitors and establish a solid mobile base of being among the first. You’ll be a trendsetter, a pioneer! Isn’t that a great way to be known to your customers present and future? With that said, I look forward to seeing your business change the way the world does marketing.

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