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Leaders in a New Profession

Leaders are needed in every organization. Those who are not bossy busy bodies, but people that lead by example. Doing what needs to be done and showing others how to prosper by doing the same. Good leaders are also teachers. Men and women that know how to get a thing done because they have done it before and are not threatened by sharing their knowledge with others. True leaders will pave the way for others when needed and today we Need True Leaders.

Due to the lack (or vacuum) of leadership in the political arena, we have found ourselves in an economical mess. For this or numerous other reasons, people are looking for a new and/or additional profession in which to create extra income. We are just trying to survive financially!

At times like this you will find the leaders of today rising to top and they are looking for something different and a lot of them are choosing Network Marketing. Now, to prove a point, take this small test. Before you read any further or do anything else stop! Pull out your cell phone and text the first ten people that come to mind one simple question. “Have you heard about the cell phone company that pays its customers?“ That’s it, nothing else, and do not respond to anyone just yet. Now continue on.

Network Marketing is nothing new to most people, but for some it is a completely new profession. How it works is simple. Usually a person you know, like and trust will introduce you to a company that has a product or service that needs to be consumed. In this case it is in the wireless industry.

Who do you know, that is over the age of 18, that does not have at least one wireless devise? Usually a cell phone or a tablet. Now, of those people, how many are making an income from those devices? None? That is where the Leader steps in.

Like all organizations, we are in need of Leaders. People who are sick and tired of working their lives away and having nothing to show for it. Most people will fit into one of two categories; they have plenty of stuff, but no time to enjoy said stuff OR they have plenty of time and no money to buy stuff. Where do you find yourself?

Where ever you find yourself, take a few minutes and go to the website for IndyInvestors. Here we will explain who we are and what we do and how we use social media to grow an exploding business. These videos will show you how we take a product that you currently using, show others what you learn and create a very good income. In short, you may become the Leader we are looking for. You can solidify your Leadership in your sphere of influence by taking them to a company that truly works for your success.

Next step:

Now that you have watched the video, take a look at your cell phone again and look at the responses you have received from your question. Let me guess, most are saying something like, ‘No, I have never heard of such a company. Who is it?’ Or some variation of that. So now what? What do you tell them? Simple. Send them IndyInvestors, and let them do the same thing you did. Is that not what Leaders do? They create a system that is easy to copy or better yet they find a system that is already proven and just plug into it. Of course most of you are just like me and you skipped the most important step of texting the first ten people that came to your mind. You wanted to read this whole thing before involving anyone else. Ok, you did that. Now go back to the beginning start over and follow the steps. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at what you will learn.

In conclusion, we work with those who want more from life than the typical 9-5 job; which is now the 6am until you are done job. Let’s start 2014 with a huge bang and lead your community out of the financial gutter.

In the video you will meet three of our leaders that are making a huge impact in their communities.

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