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How to Make Personalization Work for Your Brand

We guess most of you want to live that moment more and would love to shake your hand rather than just having an autograph.
That’s the kind of personal touch we all seek- and so are your audiences/ customers/ users.

Each one of us loves personalization and the supremacy to receive and enjoy things the way we love it makes us more powerful and content.

Mobile Apps encourage Personalization

What’s more important in this new era of digital business is how all types of businesses can provide that personal touch to the customers, reaching them to their hearts and minds. With an immeasurable increase in the number of mobile apps over a decade now, personalization has become a fad.

Mobile app development has entirely transformed the way people expect products and services to reach them and the way business groups are innovating their strategies to keep the consumers happy. Reaching the customers anytime, from anywhere on any device has been a blessing to both vendors and consumers.

So, doing business through a mobile app in itself is more responsive and heart-rending. The more customers get connected with you, the more you gain a brand value.

The reality is that there are no standards in UI and UX for a mobile app, which work absolutely perfect for all enterprises, for all audiences. While every audience has unique preferences, tastes and habits, retailers or app owners have to build more creative and exclusive approaches to impress each one of them.

For instance, an app development company (IT) makes good efforts and implement firm techniques in building relations. With clients, they do it through regular calls (skype, on phone, via video call with the whole team) during the whole project management to make them trust their credentials and know each other better. Similarly, they do it for client’s customers as well by delivering engaging user experience through expert mobile app solutions.

Though personalization and customization have been in online buying and ordering for a while now, many app or website owners are still struggling to think of out-of-the-box methods to promote their business value among users worldwide.

Redefining the Onboarding experience

Do you believe in ‘First impression is the last impression?’
Not always, but yeah for a user coming to your app for the first time wants to experience something interesting, which draws their attention and can remember you until they visit again. As soon as the user registers to your website/mobile app, start referring them with their first name- most important to address them personally rather than ‘hey there/hey customer’.

For instance, Hello Jack!

If it’s a food ordering app - moving ahead, let them choose favorites from a list of food genres, a list of restaurant types (café, fine dining, bars and pubs, street corners) at the time of first sign in. Flash a message like:

Tell us what you love eating the most. We’ll find food stuff that’s right for you!

Provide them as many options as you can, allowing them to choose from a large variety. At the same time, you, as a business owner, get to know more about the likes and preferences of your customers on their first visit.

In-app Messaging and Push Notifications

Sending interactive and personalized messages across channels to existing customers is a preferred way of connecting to the user and also promoting your services at the right time.

In-app messages and push notification on mobile instantly strike a chord and do not go unnoticed or unread by any type of audience. They not only look for offer alerts but a message that adds to the overall user experience and encourages them to visit your app/website immediately.

Another important reason behind sending direct emails or SMS to customers is taking a follow-up of the customers who abandoned their cart. You must have received a message like this someday from Amazon or a similar eCommerce site:

Your iPhone 6S purchase at Amazon is pending! Don’t you wish to complete your transaction? Buy it now and get it delivered tomorrow at your address with a 5% cashback on your credit card.

Most eCommerce giants have been effectively using this follow-up strategy to convert sales.

Further, to engage users in your business for longer, implement Omni-channel approach. Let them resume their buying (account sign in) from their laptop the way they left it on mobile in the morning. Having the benefit of accessing the same app from multiple devices inclines users more to your online services.

Some other emotive ways of giving a personal touch to your selling services include:

Personalized in-app features: Popping the category a user loves most from your website/app as soon as they sign in triggers them to explore and view more. Show the newest range of headphones or phone accessories available on your store to the customers who have been seen exploring the same sometime before.

This way, you are offering just the right thing- entertaining each customer individually.

In-app communities: Customers trust other customers more and faster than any of your executives. Like social media, users can directly communicate with other users who have already used a product and service and know their feedback, share their experiences and solve their common problems together. This will help you retain customers for longer minutes (at a time) and also help users expand their social circle.

Segment audience contextually: Group customers in a broader category, in context to their geographical location, time and weather conditions. It’s like zooming out from individual to a group of audience that falls in a specific category. For example, if you are selling sunglasses, send offers to customers in areas that are having highest temperatures and brightest summers that time – regardless of the customers having any history of buying or viewing any sunglasses ever before.

Remember to keep yourself in customer’s shoes before serving them and ponder over why do you prefer a frame with your family photos over a dress as a birthday gift from your best friend. You will turn up with most innovative techniques of offering personalization to your customers.

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