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How to Get Financing for a Start-up Business.

Of course it is very exiting to have a great idea. Many people who contact UB Solution think that this is enough in order to get money, unfortunately in reality it is very questionable.

You need to keep in mind that any real investor is a business person usually with an experience in particular industry and as a business person investor will require much more that just a great idea.

I usually propose the easiest stress test to an entrepreneur: just try to put yourself in the shoes of potential investor. Would you as an investor give somebody let's say 10 Million dollars only because they have a great idea? I never heard YES as an answer to this question.

So after we mutually agree that just an idea is not really enough to get required funding, please read the following information:

1. Determine how much money you need and have exact break down for the future use of funds.

2. Have some money invested or ready to be invested into your project. Having equity in the project shows to a lender or investor that you believe in the project and willing to risk your own capital.

Also be prepared to pay for any third party services: legal, appraisal, escrow, etc. if necessary.

3. Make sure that management team has sufficient experience in this particular industry and impressive resumes. For example: If you management team has experience in the entertainment industry do not expect to get financing for a renewable energy project.

4. Have professionally written business plan with cash flow projections, complete marketing plan, IRR, debt coverage, etc.

You have only one chance for the good first impression. You will not be able to say:
based on you suggestion let me rewrite my business plan.

5. Be organized and cooperative with you potential investor.
Organize on line data room and put all required info there. If additional information requested make sure it is provided in a timely manner.

6. Disclose all the information necessary.
If during due diligence process lender or investor will discover information you have not disclosed in most cases financing for you project will be declined.

7. Have you company evaluated by a professional, so you would have an idea how much equity you will have to give up in exchange for a required amount of financing.
In conclusion, many people think that getting financing and especially for a startup is an easy task that can be achieved without professional help. It can be done only if you have a very high level professional knowledge in business evaluation, business plan writing, financial projections, marketing, etc.

UB Solution has resources to get the right project financed as well as to guide you through a difficult process of getting your project to the point when it is financeable.
You may contact UB Solution for initial free consultation and evaluation.

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Need some help finding an Angel Investor? We can match you to a Angel Investment firm in your local area.
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