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How Often Should I Wax My Car?

To wax my car, or not to wax, that's the question?

Most people assume waxing their car is for a nice shine, therefore they only wash their car. Unfortunately, if you fall into this category, you're doing more harm to your car's paint than good.

Imagine what your car goes through each day, it is exposed to all the elements; dust, dirt, grime, bugs, bird poop, exhaust, UV rays, environmental pollutants and the list goes on. If it were you, wouldn't you want something to protect you from these harsh elements? Well, your car does too!

Just as we protect our skin from the UV rays of the sun with a good sunscreen, your car needs a professional wax to protect it from the harsh UV rays of the sun. Just as the sun can damage our skin, without a proper coat of wax on your car. One of the underrated benefits of protecting your vehicle with wax is that reflecting the sun's light is responsible for a nice shine, but minimizing sun damage to your car's paint. Once your car's exterior has been compromised, it can cause hundreds of dollars to correct, save yourself the money, by keeping your car waxed.

Waxing your car, also creates a slippery surface which helps keep dirt from sticking to the surface. Dirt is abrasive which can scratch your car's paint without protection by a wax.

People spend thousands of dollars on their vehicles, but most don't stop to realize, when you purchase a new or used car, you've just made an investment. If you treat your car as an investment, meaning keeping it waxed, it will look great, longer.
As a detailing professional, it's amazing how many people make a huge investment purchasing a car, but do very minimum steps to ensure their auto investment is protected. By not, regularly applying a coat of wax, it causes your car's paint to pre-maturely age before it's time. We don't like to age before our time so keep your car youthful looking.

At DoubleTake Auto Spa of Fremont, we want our customers to be educated about their auto investment, so we share with all our customers, "waxing is not a nice to do, it's a MUST!" to keep your paint looking it best

All waxes are not designed equaled, waxes only last 1-3 months. Therefore, it's important to get your car waxed 3-4 times a year.

When you neglect to wax your car, it will tell on you, for everyone to notice. As I've stated earlier, without waxing your car, over time it will start to look dull and vulnerable to accelerated wear, so protect your car with a professional wax today.
At DoubleTake Auto Spa of Fremont, we take the guess work out, by helping you select the right wax for your car.

Call DoubleTake Auto Spa of Fremont and get protection for your auto investment.

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