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Health Care Reform-Benefits Communication, Enrollments and Voluntary Benefits

As world of employee benefits grows more complicated each year.

1) Health care costs and premiums continue to rise.
2) This increased overhead strains your benefits budget.
3) New government regulations make change and higher premiums inevitable.

You want to offer your employees the best benefits package you can. But it gets tougher and tougher every year as you look for answers to these questions:

1) How do I reduce or hold the line on the cost of medical insurance?
2) How do I reduce turnover and increase productivity to make greater profits?
3) How can I deal with all the additional government regulations concerning employee benefits?

Let us help you put together a better, simpler and easier employee benefits program.

There are three questions that need to be asked:

1) Do you feel that your employees understand their benefits?

2) Is your current method of benefit communication doing what you expected it to accomplish for you?

3) Does your benefits package help you attract and keep quality employees?

We excel in three key areas that give your employees a better understanding and appreciation of your company benefits while at the same time may help cut your turnover and make your job easier. It’s called our Making Benefits Count Program.

1) Much more than simply a competitive portfolio of voluntary products, our Making Benefits Count Program offers customized benefits communication.

2) We help employees understand and appreciate all of their options.

3) The company’s enrollment solutions are designed to be flexible. We help employers manage the administration of their benefits programs, and we allow employees to enroll in the way most convenient and beneficial to them.

Our portfolio of supplemental insurance products helps employers by giving them solutions that help protect employees while at the same time giving them the flexibility to reduce the cost of medical insurance and retain good employees by providing access to coverage they desire beyond their core employee benefits.
With rising deductibles and co-payments adding to the popularity of consumer-driven benefits, employees' appetite for workplace products continues to grow.
And what they don’t know and understand about their benefits can hurt your ability to attract and retain a quality workforce. Our thorough benefits communication helps your employees understand their benefits AND appreciate the contributions you make for them.

And best of all, we handle the enrollment communication and enrollment details for you – before, during and after the enrollment.

Our custom pre-enrollment communication materials include announcement letters and fliers, PowerPoint or laptop presentations, brochures, e-mail communications and posters designed to help explain the complexity of today’s benefits and meet your company’s enrollment needs.

Typically, we use a three-step process that allows us to communicate an employer’s benefits to its employees before the actual enrollment. We’ve learned this way works best.

And, we have the flexibility to customize our process to fit each employer’s specific needs.

We will help you get more return from your benefit dollars because your employees will realize the total value of their job, including their “hidden paycheck.” When our professional benefits communication organization steps in as your partner, the real benefit to you is happier, long-term employees and less hassle for you in managing your benefits package.

At group meetings with employees, we communicate your entire benefits program -- from major medical to 401(k)s and even vacation time. We can produce a variety of pre-enrollment communications to help promote the group meeting, as well as the overall enrollment process.

In short, we provide a detailed, customized overview of the employee benefits – whatever you want to highlight.

Then, we provide your employees with information specific to how their choices are paid for – showing both their contribution and yours.

The Salary Illustration shows every benefit the employee selected, all benefits that are pretax and all benefits that are after-tax. And, here another time, on paper, the employee sees exactly what the employer spends on the cost of each benefit.
The employee can take this home, review it more extensively and share it with his or her spouse or significant other. They can consider the benefits the employee has, the contribution your company makes toward them, and the impact the deductions have on the take-home pay.

The election form completes the process by providing employees and you with a clear summary of their enrollment decisions.

It also provides you with a concise summary of payroll elections for easy data input and employee records.

And it provides you with compliance and liability protection by having the employee’s signature.

We take the communications from A to Z: the group presentation, individual enrollment, then information on paper, so employees have a true picture of the benefits you provide.

How soon can we put the power of our Making Benefits Count Program to work for you?

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