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Don't have an Attorney?- Top 10 reasons why you may need Legal Counsel!

In America, we make decisions each day that may be ill-informed. No surprise. I've done it, you've done it, and why? Simply put, we typically don't deem certain situations as legal situations. For example, have you ever bought a cell phone? It’s a normal everyday situation right? Right! But because it’s so common we don’t realize that we’re SIGNING a legal document that protects the interest of the cell phone company.

I know of a cell phone company (which shall remain nameless) who has tendencies to throw in hidden fees on a monthly basis to its customers. Sound wrong? Yes. Is it legal? Yes, but why? You signed a contract AGREEING to their terms and conditions without reading it in its entirety, which in turn, gives them permission to charge outrageous additional monthly fees. Should you have had an attorney review that contract before signing it, you could have made a conscientious decision as to whether or not you wanted a cell phone plan from them.

Never thought it about it that way did you? Don’t feel bad, most of us don’t. But that’s just one example. Read below, and see 10 other reasons (in no particular order) that you may need legal counsel. You’d be surprised to see what you find.

10. You’re buying, leasing, or selling a car.

9. You own your own small business.

8. Your bank sends a foreclosure notice after one mortgage payment is late. Buying or renting a house.

7. Your neighbor’s dog bites your child.

6. You are claimed in a civil or job-related lawsuit.

5. You’ve gotten a motor vehicle ticket/ police want to unlawfully search your car

4. You open a bank account

3. You want to draw up a Living Will.

2. You have creditors constantly harassing you.

1. You’re in a custody battle for your children.

And this is only 10 reasons, there are PLENTY more!

Please be sure to protect your most valuable assets, yourself and family, by making more favorable decisions!

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Need legal services? We can match you to an expert in your local area.
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