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Conscious Direction and Intention

If you are not actively engaged in your thoughts, you are on automatic pilot. Every goal or set of goals that you wish to achieve will manifest much sooner if you employ conscious direction and intention. Taking the time upon rising in the morning, a brief break during your afternoon, and in the evening before you retire should be used to sit quietly and allow your whole being to connect with you-giving you direction and ideas for completion of your requests. Observe your thoughts as they go by, listen to the sound of your being. This is not meditation-it is conscious awareness. There is a time for "activity" and a time for "conscious stillness" when orchestrating your life expression. Staying in contact with your entire essence both outer and inner will allow you to complete your various objectives in record time. You will be surprised how your physical being, as well as your intellect will sharpen and become more readily available to you through the process of becoming consciously still.

Take your direction and intention into your conscious stillness and listen for the answers that will come to you. These answers coming from your inner aspects will give you a "knowing" that can prove invaluable while you work out your various goals.

The Intellect and the Intuition are designed to work together; one is not more valuable than the other, nor relegated to male or female exclusively and we do well when we listen to both-fully conscious and with attention. When we allow ourselves to be open to the unfoldment of our goals and desires, the manifestation is effortless and stress-less.

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