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Close Sales Like a Winner

When you have exhausted all of your options in the sales interview, and the prospect still will not buy, you will find that this close helps. When you have asked repeatedly and you still cannot figure out the "real" objection, use this as a last effort to get the order today. Of course, the exact words you use will depend largely on the product or service you sell, but it will work with anything, especially intangibles.

Remember to stay focused on what you are trying to do-help the prospect realize this seemingly complicated decision is actually very simple. You must be careful not to make this an attack. You are not trying to show the prospect that it will be a mistake not to buy, but that as the buyer, they receive the most benefit.

Before I put the application, order pad or talking pad back in my briefcase, I say something like this:

Q: "Mr. Prospect, again I really appreciate your time here today and I have to be getting back to my office. But before I go I'd like to ask you just a couple of quick questions, if you don't mind. And please Mr. Prospect, be as frank with me as I have been with you, OK? First, did you like what I showed you? I mean did the plan look good to you?"

Prospect: "Oh yeah, it's great." (The prospect should always say something like this. If not you know exactly where you came up short in your presentation.)

Q: "Is it clear to you how the plan can not only save you money but also make a lot of money for you and your family for years, in fact for a lifetime? (Be sure to state the immediate and long-term benefits of your product or service.)

Prospect: "Sure! I know it's a good plan." (Again, if the answer is negative, you've found the problem.)

Q: "Then let me ask you this, Bill..." (Get a little closer and personal at this time.) "Who do you think will get the most out of this plan; profit the most from this product, if you get it today-you and your family, me, or my company?"

Prospect: "Ah, well, I guess I would." (A negative response and you know the problem.)

Q: "Bill, then seriously, who do you think will LOSE the most if you don't get it today?" (Do not let the person verbally answer this or it will become an attack. I watch closely and pause briefly; just long enough for the answer to materialize mentally. Then, before the prospect can speak, I come back quickly with...) "You see, Bill, you're not the loser here. You are the winner. You and your family are the big winner. Now let's go ahead and put this in force." (I extend my right hand to shake. I will usually get the handshake and I grasp the prospect's hand firmly with both of my hands, get very close, eye-to-eye, and say,) "Bill, I appreciate the business and you will really appreciate what we have done here today. Now let's go ahead and double check this paperwork." (I assume the rest. Sincerity is the key: Up close, personal and sincere.)

The steps are simple:

1.Please be honest with me.
2.Did you like the product?
3.Can you see how it will benefit you today and tomorrow?
4.Who do you think will benefit the most?
5.Who do you think will lose the most?
6.You are not the loser. You are the big winner.
7.Shake and assume the close.

Also, the tone and volume of your voice is important. Speak firmly, yet with warm empathy. Of course, this will not work in every situation. But you will find that it will help you close a few of those sales you thought were lost.

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