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Civility in the Workplace - A Corporate Culture

I have been coaching a woman the last few months who went from being a "stay at home mom" to becoming a middle management professional. My purpose was to help her adjust to her new environment. We began by speaking once a week, but soon it escalated to emails daily and sessions on the week-end.

I was being paid by the organization (a large non-profit), so I had to balance her comments with my responsibility with my client. In every conversation she spoke about either "fear" of her superiors or the nasty remarks employees made to each other. I encouraged her to walk away from negativity and gossip and concentrate on "why" she was at this organization. In meetings people texted, emailed or just had the heads buried in their PDA. She was asked to give a presentation, in which she spent a considerable amount of time, during the presentation people either walked out or did their PDA work.

Leadership of this organization (the corporate culture) was the most at fault, so there was no where to turn, so she poured her emotions out to me. This very bright, vivacious woman was feeling depressed coming to work each day, but she really needed the job. After two months I worked with her to keep her spirits high by suggesting that she collaborate with people in the organization that had her same attitude and to just do her best job but make sure her home life did not suffer, self-care is most important.

I do believe a change of corporate culture can begin with just one person, but in time if it becomes intolerable and the positivity doesn't become contagious then leaving the organization isn't failure it is survival.

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