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Charting Your Path To Meaning And Fulfillment

Today more than ever before people are seeking meaning and self-fulfillment in their life.

The dilemma and frustration of how to achieve it is omnipresent. We all enter the arena of spiritual and self-awareness differently. There is no one way to achieve meaning and self-fulfillment in life.

Entering into your spirituality is a private journey. Each of us is drawn to a different doorway to begin on our personal path to awakening to greater and greater experiences of who we truly are. Even though we are taught certain philosophies or beliefs as children, we still need to find our unique way of understanding and applying them in our lives.

If you grew up without a formal spiritual framework, you may not consider your process as spirituality. However, at some stage you will likely recognize the resonance of your beliefs, the ring of truth in your philosophy and your dedication to your spiritual self.

Unknowingly your inner guidance has led you to the right doorway for you. A door way that only you recognize by the way it resonates within. It could be a picture of an angel or the gift of a crystal. You might meet with someone who shares their experiences with you in a way that you find intriguing and uplifting. While visiting a new friend, you might notice a book or statue of a deity, thus, you can start a conversation on the meaning of the deity to him/her. Or a word, phrase, song or lecture might catch your attention. Many people find their way by walking through the experience of illness whereby they begin to search for what will help truly heal their body instead of masking the symptoms with prescriptions, cutting and/or burning it out. Still others may seek physical improvement and engage in yoga or meditation – discovering it leads them to an unexpected experience beyond the body.

As you awaken to yourself and to who you truly are, you will become more attuned to what is right for you. The universe speaks to each of us through infinite channels, albeit each person has his/her own frequency. Others may share what worked for him/her, but only you can decide what truly prompts you to feel inspired, awakened, connected, fully conscious, aware and alive.

Whatever your path, it is perfect and is meant especially for you.

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