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Ashamed of Your Teeth? Let a Thai Dentist Restore Your Winning Smile.

Nobody relishes a visit to the dentist. In fact many people dread dental treatment and put off visits. The result is not always pretty. Neglected and decayed teeth are ugly and usually off putting. Your mouth is an intrinsic feature of your face. Yellowing, irregular molars do nothing to enhance your natural good looks. Listen carefully, here’s a suggestion! Instead of avoiding your local dentist like the plague, why don’t you go to another one? Yes, why don’t you go and get your dental treatment completed in Thailand? OK the downside is you have to visit a dental surgeon, but a dentist in Phuket sounds much more alluring than somebody in your home town, don’t you think? You see, as well as having the dental work completed by an experienced and well trained professional, you can combine the experience with a holiday of a lifetime. Doesn’t that sound appealing? Oh, yes, the work will also cost out a lot cheaper than the prices you would expect to pay back home.

If you have unsightly teeth, you can follow the example of the movie stars and have them capped. A dental crown is a tooth shaped hood placed over a tooth that is decayed, discolored or broken. A dentist in Thailand will be able to do this easily for you. When a crown is cemented into place you will have a whole new incisor restored to perfect shape, size and strength. Rest assured a dentist in Phuket or Bangkok will be able to complete the work to world class standards. You have nothing to worry about on that score.

Why would you want a crown? There are several answers to the question. You would have a tooth capped to protect it if it were weak in some way. For instance it could be broken or cracked. By using a dental professional in Phuket you insure the life of the tooth is protected. There is no need for an extraction, leaving an unsightly gap in the gum line. If decay has set in, and a large cavity has developed which can happen if a filling has fallen out for example, then a dentist in Phuket or Bangkok will not have much tooth to work with when it comes to re-filling. A crown can seal the remnants. It looks good and the harmful bacteria have been sealed out thus protecting the live mass.

Crowns can be made from a variety of materials. Your Thai dentist will be able to advise you on the material best suited for your needs. Metal are the strongest; gold alloys are unbeatable but they have their drawbacks. The metal can cause a problem in the system and it is sometimes difficult to accurately match the colour of the surrounding teeth. The best choice the Bangkok or the dental practice in Phuket is likely to advise is a ceramic or porcelain crown. Although more expensive than metal or acrylic, they are far more durable.

OK, getting you to go off on a tropical holiday of your dreams is one way of visiting the dentist sounds like a grand idea! But how much time are the visits to the dentist in either Phuket or Bangkok going to take up of valuable away from home time? The answer is not much! Your first visit to the dentist in Thailand will involve a thorough examination; it might also require some x-rays to check the tooth roots. All this gives the dentist a plan on the work he needs to accomplish to give you a dazzling smile that matches a movie star. The Thai dentist will then make a second appointment. This visit might be a little longer than the first. After applying an anesthetic the relevant tooth or teeth will be prepared for the crown. Then an impression will be made. This is for the lab, so they can produce something of which you can be proud. Further impressions will be made of the surrounding teeth. This insures the procedure will not interfere with the neighboring area and the bite will be truly comfortable. The dentist in Phuket will finish off by fitting a temporary acrylic crown and you are free to leave the dental practice. Time then to go back to enjoying your tropical vacation. A few days later you will be invited back for a fitting. If everything is in order; you are satisfied with the colour match and can bite comfortably with your brand new crown, the work is almost done. The dentist will cement it in place and you have finished. Not much time really in the dentist’s chair, but lots of other time to enjoy yourself. An opportunity, now, to test out your new found good looks on friends, family and work mates. Enjoy the admiring looks and then there’s the tan which will make you stand out in the crowd. All of this for less than the cost of visiting your local dentist. Now that can’t be bad, can it?

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