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Are all your eggs in one basket?

In speaking with small business owners, I found that many use one medium to advertise their business. And when that single concept doesn't show a big return, they feel that type of advertising doesn’t work for them.

Think Marketing Mix The reality is every business, big or small, should have a mix of different marketing mediums. The point is to build brand awareness and credibility so when the consumer does have that need or want your business will be top of mind. Some people think branding is dead, but that couldn't be further from the truth. In the article, "The Death of Branding Has Been Exaggerated", David B. Wolfe shows many examples of how branding is still critical to promoting your name and products. You want your potential customer see your name in different places to further your credibility.

Reinforce Your Image When you’re creating your marketing plan and budget, you should use different marketing approaches. A plan that will reach/touch your customer base in different areas of their lives will be more successful than one form of media. The Golden Arches are the world's most recognized symbol. I know small businesses don't have their kind of budget, but that doesn't mean you should focus on only one area. McDonald's uses a multitude of mediums: TV, radio, various print approaches, internet, texting, etc. Why? So their name & logo are in your thoughts wherever you go whether you realize it or not.

Diversify Anyone saying that their type of advertising is the “Golden Ticket” is selling you short, and you should steer clear of them. Diversify your marketing, just like you would do with your personal investments. Ad agencies come in all different sizes and can be a great source of information and help.

Best of Luck in your Ventures!!!

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