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There are many times when Senior Citizens have a large pile of mail and bills. One day goes by, then another and then another. Before they realize it, there is a pile of mail is building, some of it unopened. Some elder people will see the paper stack getting higher and don’t know where to begin. One way of coping with this situation is to move the pile somewhere else. Maybe put it in a box or separate it into different stacks of bills and mail. These are all ways of dealing with the work ahead of you without diving into it head on.

As time passes it gets more and more overwhelming. It may also be embarrassing . Some Seniors hide the bills so they are out of view. What they need is someone to help them, because the truth is that they will never get to it themselves. They might ask their adult children to help, but the adult children might be too busy to find the time to go through all this mail. Their children might not live nearby.

Another situation could exist when Seniors physically find it extremely difficult to tackle their bills. They can’t write checks themselves and need assistance. Maybe some seniors do not understand the detail of their mail. They need someone to decipher and explain the bills to them. They need someone to check the bills for accuracy.

In some marriages, the wife might pay the bills and the husband is responsible for other things. Maybe the situation could be reversed. What if the couple separates or worse if one of them gets sick or passes away. If you are not used to paying bills because your spouse always had that responsibility, taking on this task on could be too much for you.

When occurrences such as these exist, the Seniors need a Daily Money Manager. A Daily Money Manager could write checks, balance checkbooks, reconcile to bank statements, look over bills for accuracy and correctness, make calls to companies to correct errors for seniors, make up and deliver deposits, explain details in correspondence to seniors, work up budgets for them and provide financial maintenance for them. Without Daily Money Managers, senior citizens could start getting past due bills which in turn will affect their credit rating. Daily Money Managers will take away the embarrassment, frustration and stress of taking care of personal finances. They can also provide free time for seniors of which is highly deserved. Seniors should have time for themselves and their families. A Daily Money Manager can provide this service to seniors.

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Howard Edelstein, Equitable Paperwork Support LLC
River Edge, NJ 07661

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