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How to Get More Window Replacement Leads in 2019

Updated: 07/02/2019

The best leads are free!

I'm sure this is something we can all agree on. Free leads are the best leads, right? Unfortunately, getting these leads is often a little easier said that done. However, it's not impossible. In our experience, the best leads out there come from personal referrals and word-of-mouth advertising. In order to earn these valuable leads, you have to do impressive work and deliver excellent customer service. The best window replacement companies go above and beyond for their clients. As a result, their clients go above and beyond for them. When you meet a clients’ needs and deliver a valuable service, they will be happy to send referrals your way. Just one job has the potential to turn into countless future jobs!

However, it takes time to develop a solid client base and a consistent stream of referral business. It may take years to develop a meaningful reputation in the window industry. In the meantime, you may consider buying leads as a means to bid on more jobs and supplement your marketing efforts. A window replacement lead generation service helps you find customers who are actively looking to make a purchase or schedule an estimate.

Where can window replacement companies purchase leads?

You should have no problem finding companies that sell window replacement leads. However, you do need to take a closer look into each option before laying down your credit card. Some of these companies have been open for years, while others are new to the field. It's important to understand the pros, cons, advantages, and disadvantages of each lead generation service. Be sure to ask them if they’ll credit you back for bad leads. Are there any one-time initiation or setup fees that you should know about? Don't be afraid to ask questions.

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What should I do after I receive a lead?

Most lead generation services tend to work the same way. They’ll find customers who are interested in the services you provide and collect some data points on the job. For example, you'll likely want to know 1) how many windows are they looking to replace, 2) where they live, 3) and how soon they would like the job completed. The lead generation company will send the lead information to you via email or text message in most cases. Now, the ball is in your court. You’ll want to contact those leads as soon as possible. Strike while the iron is hot! If you wait too long, you could lose them to another window replacement company. When you reach out to them, tell them about what your business does and how you can help meet their needs. Be as professional as possible.

What should I expect to pay for window replacement leads?

In most cases, window replacement leads cost between $18 and $55. That may sound like a lot, but you have to keep in mind the potential profit you could make on just one job. For example, a $50 lead could land you a $15,000 job. Not too shabby, right? When bidding new jobs, build the cost of your lead generation efforts into each estimate. If you're still a little bit worried about the cost, think about setting a monthly budget for leads. Once you've maxed out your budget, you won't receive anymore until the next month or billing cycle.

Are window replacement leads broken down by category?

The short answer here is: yes. Window replacement leads aren’t all lumped together. Instead, they are divided up by the type of work that the potential clients want. You’ll have to tell the lead generation company exactly what you’re looking for. This way, you’ll receive leads that suit the needs of your business.

Types of leads available:

Residential window replacement
Commercial window replacement
Residential window repair
Commercial window repair
New construction window framing and installation

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Just a few of the potential benefits to purchasing window replacement leads

- Find more jobs to bid on
- Bring on new clients
- Watch your business grow in size
- Make more money (if everything goes well)
- Spend more time in the field, less time on marketing

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